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Lyon Marketing Group, LLC.

Country United States
State Virginia
City Newport News
Address 4165 William Styron Square N
Phone 757-223-5159

Lyon Marketing Group, LLC. Reviews

  • Mar 22, 2020


The VA acting and modeling market is not one of the larger ones but, it is lovely to find an agency that really tries their best to broaden the marketability for their clients. When you go in to meet with them they go over everything they do. When you pay them it is for Headshots and marketing on those terms. Castings are difficult if you don't fit the bill for what the casting directors are asking for. I see people complaining about all the money that has to go into this but that it is why it is called the Entertainment Industry. And an industry is a business. And a business means money. It also requires patience. Nothing happens over night and if you don't have patience and the drive for it then it isn't for you. I have worked with them for years and the longer I go through this industry the more I understand everything that goes into it. Yes it can be frustrating but things take time and grit. Do your research people before you complain. As they say Rome wasn't built in a day. And if you haven't gotten any paying work as an actor or model yet it just means you haven't fit what the casting Directors have asked for. Every casting for roles has specifications. You can also work on self-casting as well, and send in for smaller local stuff to get a feel for it. Do local theatres, do short films. The competition for paid work is tough. Look at what you are investing into for yourself and then get over yourself. Because clearly you don't know what it means to get into it. The industry is changing all the time and each market is different. LMG is small but, it's also about networking and who you know. They are a great company but, they also are not gonna baby their clients. They are truthful about how tough it can be since every market is different.

  • Mar 11, 2018

MY fiance paid Mr.Lyons over three thousand dollars, in which he delivered absolutely nothing in return. He had the audacity to have someone call claiming she owe him more money. I'm very angry about the fact the he scammed her out of thousands. He need to be lockup in prison. Something very bad going to happen to him sooner or later !

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