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Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 455 N. Garland Ave.
Phone (407) 841-2279

LYNX Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2016

Driver with behavioral concerns believed to be sociopathic in nature harassing customer for a period of abut 2 years . Company has been contacted more than 30 times. Evidence, witnesses and a very detailed complaints filed with company over a period of 7 months including having to point out these violations of their own policies due to the company stated driver had done nothing wrong. In violation of own ethical policies as well as nearly every policy relating to conduct. The company has yet to take a single appropriate corrective action and continue this employee to operate a transit bus.

Gross negligence on managements part requesting the driver resolve the issues on his own escalating the matter even further. Driver states company coerced him into filing a restraining order or else he'd lose his job. Restraining order was denied as the driver had absolutely no evidence of his claims of harassment aside from the claims I filed against him. Driver repeatedly threatening customer to file yet another fraudulent restraining order. Driver had also passed by customer intentionally on many occasions violating civil rights.

  • Nov 19, 2015

Waited for an 8:30 bus to arrive at the corner of University & Forsyth. When the bus finally did arrive (14 minutes late) it drove right past me as I tried to wave it down. I also know the driver saw me, as she turned her head to look at me as drove by. I wish I could say this was shocking behavior. Unfortunately Lynx drivers treat the bus schedules like mere suggestions, and passengers like a burden at best and like their own personal victim. Complaints with the company never get anywhere, either, since none of the drivers are ever called to account for representing the company so poorly. This is what Orlando gets for outsourcing public transportation to a private company.

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