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Lynsey FItzpatrick - L&B Cockers

Country United States
State Texas
City Hallettsville

Lynsey FItzpatrick - L&B Cockers Reviews

  • Apr 14, 2021

Lynsey FItzpatrick - L&B cockers I gave Lynsey 4 dogs that I needed to place because I was having health issues. The oral agreement was I would get a puppy back from each of them. It has been 3 years and she claims none of them have had puppies. She bought a brown roan male from me and I had never bred him. She bred him to numerous females and had a few cleft palletes. She should not have bred him again if she did not want to take a chance on that. Well she bred him to a choc/wh puppy I gave her. Now sure what happened after that.

This person has lied to me for 3 years and told me the dogs did not have puppies. If she did not want them they were to come back to me. I feel terrible because I do not even know if she has them anymore. I have been told she does not. and she lied about that when I asked if they were ok. I have asked for pictures since she got them and she has never sent one pic. That tells me she has something to hide. I am not sure if she takes good care of her dogs because she lives in TX and I am not close enough to check on them.

Each puppy she owes me is worth at least $1500 so she owes me $6000 minimum. Considering these would be females and have litters it is probably closes to $20,000. This is what happens when you trust someone who is supposed to be your friend and screws you over. She has done the same thing to other breeders. Gets a dog from them and gives it away without letting them know and continues to lie about it and say she still has the dog. This is not the kind of person or breeder you would ever want to deal with. She is a liar and not trustworthy at all. Be very careful if you deal with her because she will screw you over. Took 4 dogs and gave nothing in return, which was supposed to be a puppy from each one. Hallettsville Texas

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