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Lynn Heating & Air Conditioning

Country United States
State South Carolina
City West Columbia
Address 400 Forest St
Phone (803) 796-4940

Lynn Heating & Air Conditioning Reviews

  • Jul 1, 2018

Matt Valerio of Lynn Heatting & Air charged $60 for a service call to diagnose my AC system that was not blowing cold. As his receipt indicated "Mismatched system(different brands). Refrigerant level is not completely out of line. Air flow is a problem, needs another return grill. Then we can recheck refrigerant with proper airflow restored", I agreed to let him install an additional return grill.

After collecting an additional $175 for a small return grill, the air level still stayed the same without any improvement. He NEVER rechecked the refrigerant as he first indicated in his receipt, nor checked the air flow which was the test for completing his job. When asked if he checked the air reading, his answer was " Did not check the Freon. No need to check air reading, My job was to make the return size right and that's what I did".

This is NOT VERY professional of him. He was hired to resolve a cooling issue. But he did NOT even complete the steps that he suggested himself from his first diagnosis

In order to have him to come out again to check on the Refrigerant, and Air Flow, he wanted another $70 beside the cost of the amount of Freon and/or any other "tests" that he has to do.

I was not very impressed with his professionalism. I started seeing that he skipped the steps so that he can continue to collect more "service charges" for more “tests”.

Therefore, I called out for a 2nd opinion, Bay Area Air Conditioning (BAAC), Inc.

BAAC suggested a tune up. But the system was worse after the tune up.

Due to the complaint from my tenants, I had to call Lynn Heatting & Air, Matt Valerio back. This time he did the steps that he was supposed to do the first time: checked the refrigerant and the air flow plus did the leak test. He advised that the unit HAD TOO MANY LEAKS, needed a new system, And COLLECTED another $100 for the “tests” that he was supposed to do when he was hired in the first place!

I called BAAC back on a recall, they did the leak test, indicated NO LEAK, then put Freon in for us, FREE OF CHARGE because they wanted to make the job right due to their last tune up not working well!!

The system works completely fine now.

The damage of using Lynn Heatting & Air, Matt Valerio, not only $335 that he collected for nothing, but all the cost and hardship that I and my tenants had to go through. Beside paying $335, I had to spend a total of $291 extra on alternative solutions ($100 of portable AC unit, $146 for window unit, $45 for window unit installation). My tenant had to spend $200 for a hotel while they were waiting for AC to be fixed; Not to mention gas used to travel, time wasted that we all had to take for service times. The relationship of my tenants and I was damaged due to the fact that we both had to endure the hardship of this occurrence!!!

BAAC might not have done it right the first time, but they kept their professionalism, not only to come back out for a recall but making it right by giving free Freon which saved us all for not having to put in a new unit.

On the other hand, Lynn Heatting & Air, Matt Valerio not only did one wrong diagnosis to the next, but demanding additional money at each step. What a money blood sucking company!!!

I contacted him to express my disappointment and to give him a chance to refund my money, or at least the $100 for his last visit which did not resolve anything and the tests he performed were supposed to be included in his previous visit anyway; but he refused to do so.

He was good at collecting money but he neither providing receipts nor if he did, none of his receipts showed his signatures nor his work nor “test” system data listing like other professional company, much worse, NEVER resolve the issue!!!

I would like this incident to be known to the board of licensing, in hope that they can order this company to do the right thing, if not refund all the financial loss we experienced, at least to refund the money that he collected for wrong diagnosis and the services that did not fix the issues he was hired to do.

I would also like it to be out on this site to make aware other consumers of this incompetent blood/money sucking individual/company, Lynn Heatting & Air, Matt Valerio.

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