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Lynn Haven Florida

Country United States
State Florida
City Lynn Haven
Address 825 Ohio Avenue
Phone (850) 265-2121

Lynn Haven Florida Reviews

  • Mar 24, 2019

Florida, City of Lynn Haven Police Department AND Discount Towing and Recovery, LLC Christopher Meachum, Police Officer in charge Todd Neiheiser, Registered Agent, Discount Towing and Recovery, LLC, 2798 E 5th St., Panama City, Florida 32401 ; (850) 871-0680 FaceBook =

Jury Trial Denied, Car in Tow company lot since July 9, 2017

We had our car (which belongs to the church) wrongfully towed (stolen) July 9, 2017 by City of Lynn Haven, Florida police officer when it was properly parked on private property CVS Pharmacy and the police officer was informed and acknowledged that I was in route to pick it up.

It was not on a police hold, not impounded, not asked to be removed by CVS Pharmacy personal, not consented to be towed by the car’s owner or driver. It was plain money making for the tow company (and many other tows we are told). We went to redeem the car at Discount Towing and Recovery LLC within an hour of their hook up on a Sunday.

The driver and other employees mulling around the yard said they cannot help us because the office is closed. We called the dispatcher and she said the same thing. State statute says the tow company is open for business if they are towing automobiles and if closed, must open within one hour of the request to redeem the car.

Now we find we are in the wrong court (small claims court) and should be in a civil rights violation court (mentioned by Florida Bar phone call). Current small claims court judge is just siding with the two attorneys for the defendants (both attorneys are brothers) and nothing for the unrepresented – me and Ponderosa Serenity Ministries.

I initiated a MOTION FOR CLARIFICATION but the judge has not responded (attached).

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