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Lynn Bonar Hamler HHH Dressage

Country United States
State Ohio
City Fredericktown
Address 7559 Yankee Street
Phone 7406945150

Lynn Bonar Hamler HHH Dressage Reviews

  • Apr 25, 2016

Lynn Bonar Hamler with HHH Dressage is simply not an upstanding horse trader. She has no desire to make sure that you and the horse are a good match and will refuse to take the horse back even if the horse is not as she advertised, even if you've only had the horse a few weeks. She will tell you the horse has pull a cart on public roads, has been on day and night rides, riden and trained in "correct" dressage. She will send 15 second video clips of the horse pulling a cart, being riden but you never see pictures of the horse actually on a trail, or pulling a cart down a public road. She will tell you the horse is calm, gentle, with no vices but will refuse to stand behind what she sells.

She will blame you and tell you that you need to take riding lessons, she will blame your trainer, but takes no responsibility. She sold us a horse that she said was very calm and gentle, not reactive, had been on day and night trail rides, was riden by a young girl and was 16+ hands. We got the horse, he's 18+ hands (we would have never bought the horse based on his size alone), the horse bolted the first time we rode him and has almost every time after, last time he bolted someone was standing in the arena and just shoosed another person, he reared up and struck out at a person leading him, this all happened less than 1.5 months of bringing him to our home. There is absolutely no way this 18 hand horse that bolts from a shoosing noise was riden by a young girl, had been on day and night rides or driven on public roads.

The horse would have bolted and injured or killed someone or itself. I asked this lady if she would be willing to take the horse back (with shipping at our expense) as this was clearly not the kind of horse she knew we were looking for, she out right refused to work with us and went so far as to blamed us for not being good riders and blamed our trainer for screwing up the horse. This lady clearly does not care if the buyer and the horse are not a good match, it is simply all about the money and she will tell you anything and everything to make the sale. I would take head and think twice before ever buying a horse from this person. By the way, the horse was $15,000.

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