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Country United States
State Alabama

Lynika Reviews

  • Jan 31, 2018

I met Lynika Cruz through a seminar where she was a guest speaker and we became friends and she would call me regularly for coffee. I thought she was lovely but I see now I was being played. After a few weeks of this she introduced me to her "business partner" Pat Moloney who I now know as Pat Mesiti who also became my "friend". Lynika encouraged me to date Pat which I did and we soon became lovers and he moved into my home but was hardly ever there which seemed odd but clearly I was wanting to think the best of him.

After a month or so of the three of us being "best friends" they approached me about investing in their new business which I was told would make me at least a 50% return on my money. I gave them $100 000 and of course after another couple of weeks I never saw or heard from them again except by email which would be the usual excuses.

I started investigating both of them and spoke to members of Lynika's own family who told me she has been a con-artist her whole life and would work at companies and make false sexual harrassment allegations against her bosses to get payouts and now pretends to be a doctor when she definitely isn't and has written a book which was almost entirely made up. She works in conjunction with other con artists to give herself the look of respectability when she is anything but.

As if that wasn't bad enough I found out my amazing lover Pat had been charged and found guilty of assaulting his WIFE who I didn't know about and was also kicked out of the Hillsong Church for sleeping with prostitutes using a Hillsong credit card. These allegations are all over the internet.

People reading this will think I am an idiot for giving them money and they are right. All I can do is the right thing and warn others about them.

If you are going to a Lynika Cruz motivational speech please be aware she makes up everything she says and she is not a real doctor but a very professional con woman.

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