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Lyneer Staffing

Country United States
State Georgia
City Forest Park
Address 4645 Jonesboro Rd
Phone 770-406-6890

Lyneer Staffing Reviews

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  • Sep 19, 2015

My name is Brandin, I worked for two weeks under Lyneer staffing in Forest Park, GA at the UPS service center in Morrow GA, I punched in daily at UPS when I reported to work with the last 4digits of my SSN for hours worked. I reported to UPS on Friday to get my check and was told there is no check there for me, so the person called Lyneer staffing and was told I had to report to the staffing agency to get my check, and was told the check were still in the process of printing and they were waiting for corporate to print the checks. I was told they would call me in about an hour when it prints. An hour in a half went by still no call, so I called again and was told the checks had not printed and they were going to speak with the Vice President about what could be done. I headed up to Lyneer staffing in the meant time to make sure they didnt close and I not get paid. My girlfriend called up there she was told that corporate has to make the checks print and they would call when they checks printed. She called the corporate office and was told that is not true they have nothing to do with the checks and wanted the name of the person that told her that for she was going to call. In the meantime my mom called up there and was told my check had not printed and Brandin would have to call, she also informed the person that we would be contacting the department of labor and it only takes one phone call to them, the person told her to go ahead and call, my mom also asked if someone was going to stay after 5pm since it was so late to make sure the check printed and I was paid, the person said she didnt know what corporate was going to do and that she has heard from everyone including Brandin. In the meantime I was asked how many hours I worked and was told I was not going to get paid for all my hours and that I would be paid on Saturday. I dont believe that since Lyneer is closed on Saturday and if my check didnt print by 5pm there is no way they will send it to UPS. The staff at Lyneer Staffing have been the most difficult and uncaring people I have ever dealt with, I have 2children and it has been really hard to make ends meet, and then to go into work daily at 3am, 4am for two weeks and not have a check waiting for me at the end of a pay week is very disheartening.

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