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Lyndon Southern Insurance Company

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Brentwood
Address 5110 Maryland Way Ste 350
Phone 1-615-921-5664

Lyndon Southern Insurance Company Reviews

  • Feb 3, 2016

My car was parked on 12-16-2015 insured ms. Robertson's car backed in to my truck . i filed a report with her Insurance company Lyndon Southern Insurance Company / Jupiter Auto MGA . mr. philip returned my call asked me what happened i told him , he later called me back telling me to get an estamete and along with that send him pictures of the damage done to my truck . so i did ( mean while a day or two later , there insured calls my insurance company . she tells my insurance company exactly what i told hers . my insurance company denies her claim , because she back in to me .)

about 2 weeks later i get a call saying that that lyndon southern insurance company / jupiter MGA , wants to send some one out to take pictures of the damage to my car and pictures of my dash board and vin number. i let them come out take pictures .

i waited thinking they would call me back , finally when they did not call me back , i made a call to them to ask them where we were at with the claim. they inform me that i now have been asigned a new adjuster . named Carlos who is out

so i asked to speek with some one else , they give me a manager who's name is Terry, who stated that they couldnt do any thing because Ms. Roberson was not answering any of there calls or letters . he says they cant do any thing because she has not responnded , that she has to respond in order for them to move forward with it , i exsplained to him that she does know she called my insurance company trying to report what happened .

i send picks of there car and my insurance company sends them a letter stating that ms. roberson has contacted them and that her claim was denied.

i call back and speek with the new adjuster Carlos , who tells me that they are closing the claim because they can not get there own insured to answer there calls or letters . tht they were ready to pay out but because she doesnt respond they will have to close the case . i ask why when she hit me ,its not my falt that she is not responding. they even tell me that they have called and left messages for her to answer and that she does still have an active phone .

what i think is happeneing is that they told there own insured to not respond, because when i called they were moving ahead in the normal fashion , but out of no where they start saying that she is not answering them .

there is some thing going on with this company im not sure what it is , maybe they just dont want to pay out . and they know some thing is going on with there insured and i beleave they know why or are the reason why she is not answering , they may have even of told her to not answer . even tho she has already admitted that the accident has tooken place .

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