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Lynda Watts

Country United States
State California
City Stockton
Address 4214 Arch Rd.
Phone 1-530-7767360

Lynda Watts Reviews

  • Jul 2, 2018

I purchased a horse from Lynda Watts of Stockton. I found out about her from a dream horse ad.

Lynda told me the horse was sound and that she had x-rays and a vet check prior to her getting the horse 6 months earlier. She stated that she had the records and that she would provide them to me. She also stated that she could contact the vet clinic to get a copy. We took the horse on a 5 day trial basis as she stated she did not have space on her ranch and had brought the horse in just for me.She stated he could be returned if it was not a good fit. After the horse had been picked up, Lynda said that she was unable to find the vet records and was unable to get the vet report because it was under someone elses name. I then scheduled a vet check. The horse did not pass. I contacted her and told her the horse was unsuitable for my use and I wanted to return him. She stated that someone in her family had died and she needed to go away to attend the funeral but would return Monday. I called and texted on Monday and Tuesday and she is not responding. I had a second vet x-ray the horse and do a soundness check. The horse has serious issues and can not be ridden.

The vet stated that the horse has had these issues for a long time and a vet check 6 months ago would have shown the extent of the injury. I paid $6000 cash for this horse and an additional $600 in vet care. I have a contract with a guarantee trade in option for a horse of equal value. I can not resolve the issue as she will not return calls and text messages. I am hopeful that this can be resolved and that she will honor her contract. Each day that passes I become less hopeful.

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