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Lynch Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Mukwonago
Address 282 E WOLF RUN
Phone 262-378-3580

Lynch Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Reviews

  • Jan 23, 2018

The wait for the Jeep was longer than what I was told, one week turned in to almost three weeks, but since we still had good communication, it was fine.

Finally, on December 26th, the Jeep arrived. Once again we were told to come out and purchase so we could get this build started.

Kevin wanted us in before the end of the year to finalize the paperwork. As hard as it was, we skipped a family Christmas to comply.

On December 30th, my wife and I went to the dealership as requested.

We spent over four hours there waiting for the one person they had working that day in finance to get the paperwork in order.

We later found out, she was never given our information so none of the paperwork or financing had been started.

We finally left that day, without finalizing anything. It was a giant waste of time, and we missed our family holiday.

The paperwork was eventually ready to be signed on January 5th.

That day we sat down with Rick, the Jeep pro to finalize all the details of the modification.

We spent about a hour going over the details that he and I had been emailing back and forth on for the past four weeks.

That was a Saturday and the following Monday Lynch was to start tearing down the Jeep and start rebuilding.

The following week, after not hearing from Rick, or receiving any paperwork regarding parts that were ready to be ordered, I contacted Kevin.

Kevin was not happy and within minutes I received a very odd call from Rick. He sounded very out of sorts and went over the basic details again.

Rick and I had been over the details a half a dozen times, all he had to do was start the build.

Another two weeks went by and nothing, no phone calls or building on the Jeep.

On January 10th 2018 I emailed Kevin yet again to find out the Jeep was never even touched, matter of fact it was

still sitting in the same spot it was parked at back on December 26th 2017.

Then on January 18th, we get a call from Mark Greene at Lynch Mukwonago informing us they do not feel comfortable modifying a Jeep and we can come pick it up anytime.

For over a month Lynch Mukwonago continuously told me how excited they were to finally be able to modify a Jeep.

They had the build sheet the entire time and never gave any indication that they couldn't or wouldn't be able to do any of it.

This is the way the Jeep sat for weeks after we paid for it, nothing was done to it.

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