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Lyme Advise

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1-800-273-8255

Lyme Advise Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2020

Alyssa Knapp and Lyme Advise provide bad or dangerous information about Lyme disease. They promote the improper use of antibiotics and other alternative treatments that are deemed dangerous. The authors they promote are also considered pseudoscience. These alternative treatments are dangerous and could really mislead Sick individuals.

This website and this organization should be deemed "Fake" information. it's very important that people should get their information from the centers for disease control and prevention or the ISDA. These are both well-known and well respected organizations that provide viable Lyme disease information. It is very dangerous for people/persons who are not medical professionals. The person who started this website is not a medical professional of any kind.

this website is irresponsible and provides inaccurate information.

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