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Lyft, Inc

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 548 Market Street. Suite 68514
Phone 855-946-7433

Lyft, Inc Reviews

  • Apr 1, 2021

Lyft is Fraud and Drivers are Abusive, Lyft is the worst driving corporation and there is no one to contact and I can not easily remove my credit card from the stupid app, its horrible. I got my kid a ride which only takes 30 minutes from Rowland Hts to Anaheim in California.

Lyft had the pops up after you call for a ride and pay for it, saying you can get a free ride, so I called to ask the driver who happened to be Erik to see if he knew how it worked he was verbally abusive, rude and said, "I don't give free rides", then hangs up on me. I never asked that, he also put his own 5 star because I gave no tip and NO RATING... I am really bothered that I can't remove my CREDIT CARD from their FRAUD app...this ride was ahuge RIP OFF LOOK AT THE PICS...


  • Mar 7, 2020

The vomit scam is considered old now and Lyft has come up with a new way to scam riders, no pun intended.

The coffee spill scam is the new vomit scam and costing riders hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I have recently been the victim of this scam and Lyft refuses to deal with me at all. The driver got mad because I did not tip her and left her trunk open. The dummy sat in her car honking on the horn rather than getting her fat, lazy butt out and closing her own trunk. Furthermore, the driver arrived at my home, refused to get out and place two very light carryon pieces of luggage into the trunk of her car, and was nasty and rude when we said good morning.

At our drop off location, which was the airport, we said thank you, have a great day and the driver just looked straight ahead. We had to ask her to open the trunk so we could get our luggage out. Based on the driver's bad attitude, lack of customer service and taking a longer route to the airport, she received no tip. Lyft sends out review requests following each ride and when I received that email, I rated the driver as a 1. Due to this rating as well as the lack of tip, the driver waited a full day to make up a story about spilled coffee and filed a false claim with her employer--to which a charge against my credit card was made.

Subsequently, I received the same email as everyone else about "anecdotal evidence" and that I did not have any say in the matter. I was charged a $50 clean up fee for something that never happened. The lying, broke, opportunistic bottom feeder lied, stole and cheated her way to $50. Easier than working a real, respectable job. Take it from people like me.

I feel as though I have been robbed and to make matters worse, Lyft has a no due diligence, guilty until proven innocent policy. Why did the driver wait until after receiving the poor review to file her claim against me? Why were there no photos taken of the actual coffee cup showing a spill? The photos that Lyft customer service showed me only revealed dark spots with one spot appearing very old.

Lyft is running itself into the ground with lawsuit after lawsuit and will ultimately end up like Uber or worse. The company is guilty of false, deceptive and unfair trade practices and I refuse to let them get away with it. If this has happened to you, I encourage you not to give up because Lyft will not play fair. In fact, they will not even listen to you. You did it and that is all there is to it.

The root of the problem is the organization itself and the manner in which workers are paid. However, drivers are fully aware of the compensation structure of the work when applying for the job and have no right to complain about not making enough money. The other issue is this: drivers are forced to pick up people with money; people who look like they even have money and are jealous.

Who else could afford to pay $15 for a 3 mile drive to the airport but wealthy people such as myself? I am not going to leave my car at the airport, though. Plain and simple, green-eyed jealously! My most recent driver pulled up to my very nice home and saw a BMW and a Volvo in the driveway, plus both my mother and myself were sporting Louis Vuitton handbags. Yet, we gave the poor driver no tip.

Newsflash: poor service + longer route = no tip. Here's a tip for all of your starving Lyft drivers: go to college, get an education and change your bad attitude--perhaps then you may not have to resort to lying, stealing and cheating your way to a making a few extra dollars. I have no problem helping or feeding the poor, but not this way.

I am filing a police report for extortion and Lyft and Logan Green, you will not get away with this fraud.

  • Dec 17, 2019

After reporting my driver for poor driving, she fraudulently accused me of vomiting in her car, resulting in a $100 fee

  • Jul 19, 2019

I left my iphone on the back seat of Azamatxon'a car. I called and texted him several times and he never responded. He blocked me from texting him and shut off my iPhone. Lyft has no phone to contact them. I emailed them several times and was told they can’t reach him even though they pay him.

  • May 5, 2019

On Saturday I ordered a ride home from Lyft after having a few beers at the bar. What a mistake to use this crooked company Lyft!! They hit my credit card immediately, of course, saying the driver would be there in a minute.

I waited in the heat for 45 minutes. Lyft never showed up. So I had to walk several miles, AFTER paying for a ride with Lyft. However, this crooked company was not yet done with their dirty tricks. They then charged my card another $18 no show fee, when they no showed me!! They hide their phone number to avoid hearing from their clients, and I sent them countless messages that were never returned.

Don't use Lyft. Lyft should be shut down..

  • Mar 3, 2018

The Lyft App has a program where you can drive for them even if you don't have a car. They will gladly provide you a car through Hertz Rental so you can drive for them. They also offer bonuses that make the rental cheaper - these are all quotas that are impossible to meet and the app is engineered to make sure of that. Long story short: The entire program is a scam. Yes, you can make $500 a week driving for lyft, but after you subtract $250 a week for the car and $100 a week for gas. You are left with $150 a week in profit which is about $3.75 per hour. For me personally, I drove for 40 hours and averaged $2.50 per hour. I met all their quotas but because swipped the app off without turning it off first, I missed a pickup and lost the $50 bonus. Lyft is soo greedy they just had to pimp me that much harder. I hope this story serves as a warning to anyone who might be poor and vulnerable enough to consider driving for this horrible company -DON'T DO IT!!!

  • Feb 5, 2018

LYFT and it's drivers honor stolen credit card numbers.

It's vertually impossible to talk to a person at corporate.


  • Oct 13, 2017

On 10/1 I requested a LYFT using the the app on my phone, it arrived and the driver was very patient and we (my cousin was riding w/me) arrived safely and in good time.

We exited the vehicle and when we got to the entrance and I was asked for my ID at the venue, I realized I'd left my phone case ( w/my phone, ID, debit cards and health insurance cards inside) in the back seat.

My cousin had no phone so I had to wait about 40minutes before I could use another cousins cell to download the app and reach out to customer service, to no avail.

They say that they can only send the driver a message but that the driver is under no obligation to repsond, as an independant contractor.

I tried for 5 days to retrieve my belongings through thier lost and found, no one has helped me, by this time I've replaced all my things but was still wanting the lost items because of identity theft being so rampant but no ones helped me.

I've since reached out to Indianapolis non-emergency police (because I feel like it became THEFT when the driver kept refusing to response to the messages from lost and found) but EVEN they won't help becuase I live in Minnesota and my flight home left 10/2!

This has been a nightmare and all I can think about is my identity being stolen. Please leave any helpful suggestions you have.

To add insult to injury they are trying to bill me for this nightmare ride from hell!

  • Apr 12, 2017

Being fired without notice or reason given. deactivated my account suddenly in the begining for the montth waiting to paid my rent no body will talk to you no place to defend your self holding my money untill they feel like to paid you. no lawyer will take my case as soon they heard against lyft . total detatorship their percentage too high almost 50% about what you made no medical or insurance what so over totaly crook bussiness. so be careful to be independent on theme or get financial load as buying a car or quit your job....!

  • Mar 18, 2017

On March 7, 2017, I was asked via email from Lyft, from which I had not heard of before, to submit an application to be one of their drivers. I have a lengthy history of professional driving and, being curious, I submitted an app. The qualifications were to have a vehicle no older than 2007, have insurance on the vehicle, an up-to-date registration, pass a limited​ DMV check and background check. After submitting all the requirements I continued to receive text messages from Lyft that My insurance wasn't checking out or I wasn't good looking enough in several pictures, continued requests for a copy of my Social Security Card and previous tax statements and bank statements. Even my birth certificate was requested, from which I obliged. I even sent in a copy of my title to my 2010 BMW. All of which to prove who I was. Again, Lyft requested even more proof of identity and by now I'm literally pulling my hair out.

Meanwhile Lyft had received my background check which was spotless on my DMV and the criminal check had come back that I had been confirmed of being convicted of a felony in April, 1990 (criminal check was dated March 15, 2017). I was 22-years old back then and I'm now 49 1/2-years old. Further, my rights have been restored by our Governor and the conviction was not sex, drug or violence related. Meanwhile, in those past 27-years, I have held a public, hazmat, CDL license and had not even received a speeding ticket. In short, I was convicted for not squealing on two acquaintances that were the bad boys of our community way back then but neither of which were violent by any means. My charge was "Complicity to burglary." Because I did not squealing I was told by the police I was just as guilty. I didn't have money at age 22 to obtain a lawyer. And because I believed those police at what they told me I had plead guilty. I found out later that I could not be held responsible for what another does or says. It could may of well have been in jest. So if your sister or brother you know, more than I would have known, has been driving intoxicated for an evening and gets in an unfortunate accident and someone loses a life are you guilty of murder also? Kentucky has no FCRA compliances and if you are guilty by association like me good luck. What Left has done is discriminate and Kentucky is holding the smoking gun. Civil right suite is sure to be filed as I have nothing better to do with my time because I cannot gain meaningful employment.

  • Mar 17, 2017

This is the payment method i used today 3/16/17

pendingpos debit - visa check card 1825 - lyft *temp auth san franciscocauspos-$16.53

you also charged my credit card for the same amount

03/16/2017 lyft *temp auth 5831 $16.53

this is theft............ I want this resolved right now.... I want to be contacted now........

Scott silberstein

i am contacting my bank and the police if not resolved and my local news station here in south florida

  • Jan 17, 2017

Never having used Lyft, I decided to try it...Pick up at my hotel in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. You provide your cell phone number, pick the time you want to be picked up, supply the destination (PBI airport) and then provide a credit card number. They say they won't charge you till after your ride.

So the next day I waited and waited and NO ONE SHOWED UP. You can not call LYFT and talk to a person. There is no way to confirm that you have already made a reservation and that, indeed, you WILL be picked up.

Local cab companies quoted me $35. LYFt suggested $17. Left in the lurch, with a flight to make, I had to use a local cab company last minute...for $45 plus tip.

Good by LYFT! You failed miserably, and lost a customer for ever!!

  • Jan 3, 2017

I was denied a ride on December 3rd from a Lyft driver. I asked if I would be charged since he was denying me the lyft. he claimed I would not and emailed Lyft about it, and I emailed how it was not the same person in the picture. Literally a month later they emailed me some BS on how to report it again, if it happens again??! God forbid if I would of got in that ride, and it was not even the person that was in the Lyft app. Check your riders before getting in the vehicle! Lyft just basically told me "mybad". Ugh!

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