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Lydia Rodríguez Mata

Country Spain
City Correctora de Estilo
Address Filóloga y Crítica Literaria
Phone 656 944 575

Lydia Rodríguez Mata Reviews

  • Apr 13, 2017

In May 2015, philologist and literary critic and editor Lydia Rodríguez Mata, edited a business correspondence for me for 13 euros. Since the fee for international bank transfer from United States was higher than the editing fee, I inquired whether I could send her the payment when I was in Spain and she accepted the option.

Ms. Rodríguez promptly emailed me the edited letter. I then emailed her a few questions regarding some of the changes she had made. She replied but did not answer my questions. After I consulted another editor, who also edits business documents, I emailed her to relay that her work was of poor standard. I never received a response.

In July 2016, I telephoned Ms. Rodríguez to confirm I would pay her the pending 13 euros and whether she had improved her customer service. When I reminded her of the poor quality of her work, she curtly replied, "Thank you very much," without apologizing.

I telephoned her a second time to inform her I would instead pay her 6 euros due to her continuing inappropriate approach and work at the time. She replied, "With everything you have told me, I'm more than paid." I then advise her that, in case her approach was a matter irrelevant to the workplace, it is important to remember one must try to always remain practical with clients. Because she continued to raise her voice, I ended the call.

Eight months ago, I telephoned Ms. Rodríguez for a third time to offer her a chance to apologize. I also emailed her a copy of this review before posting it online. I never received a reply. Thereafter, I concluded it was best not to send her any payment.

I hope that my review motivates this editor to improve the quality of her work and comunication with future clients.

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