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Lydia Lovelace King

Country United States
State Virginia
City Warsaw
Address 875 Reisingers Road
Phone 804-462-0620

Lydia Lovelace King Reviews

  • Nov 23, 2019

Under NO circumstances should anyone EVER retain Lydia L. (Lovelace) King Wardaw, Montross, & Lancaster, Va., or, now that she’s a judge, appear before her—unless you’re willing to bribe her. From firsthand experience, she can be bought—and cheap--for cookies!

In 2006, I retained King to stop an executor’s misadministration of my mother’s estate. After reviewing the evidence I provided, she agreed I had a meritorious claim. But after his attorney, Jane Wrightson, bought her dinner she abandoned my case in full knowledge that none of the hundreds of lawyers I contacted in 3 counties would oppose a local lawyer, fatally damaging my case.

Even worse, she gave opposing counsel my documents, a clear breach of attorney-client privilege. How do I know? Because witness Claire Michie shares the same surname with a widely used Va. attorney book—but the pronunciation is different. Michie’s Jurisprudence is pronounced "Mickey’s,” but Michie’s name is pronounced as spelled.

However, Wrightson (who didn't know her prior to reading my docs) afterward called her "Claire Mickey.” How much did Wrightson pay King for my docs and her abandonment? From King’s own lips, the price of dinner after which they bonded over a weakness for cookies.

So if Judge King (Region 6, District 5) will hear your case, do everything you can to get it transferred to an uncorrupt judge—or be prepared to pay her off with lots of cookies.

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