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LVNV Funding, LLC

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Greenville
Address 700 Executive Center Drive # 300
Phone (800) 363-3115

LVNV Funding, LLC Reviews

  • Jul 26, 2017

Last friday I was given 3 sheets of paper by some man who showed up st my home before 8am Stating I was being summoned to court by LNLV funding for over 600.00 for a credit one credit card I don't have and never did have . The odd thing is it was for two states I have never lived in one in Oklahoma and the other in South Carolina plus the front page with my home state Arkansas . What I want to know is can these a**holes do this or is it a scare tactic ??///

  • May 11, 2017

Yesterday my neighbor called me as I moved last year to a new town to start over and help take care of my brother.. a gal popped by and asked for me I guess, and said she had a delivery for me.. which my neighbor politely told her I did noy live there.. and have not for a long time.. I find out thru my already obtained lawyer that it was a summons from this debt collection agancy from one of the credit cards I could not, no longer make payments on, and could not work out any monthly amounts that could be low enough to afford.. though I did not owe very much when I gave the card up over a year and a half ago..I was appalled as the neighbor has health issues, and she phoned me, and could not believe people would do that.. I am seeking council, to see how to get them to release the issues they believe are okay to do, like harrassment.. and stop bothering me or any former neighbors.. as this is a gal who is on a fixed income just trying to survive each and every day... my health is not that good.. and to do that to me or friends, family neighbors.. no letters in the mail.. no emails just show up and be there with paper work.. as though I could hop to a bank and get any money there in the first place..everyone makes mistakes.. I made alot.. I know we all do.. I am just trying to take care of my brother now.. who has cancer. I cannot deal with all of this.. I am already on the edge.. with my health, his health.. now these people showing up with a summons without any care about who they are trying to reach, why, or whose house they are approaching.. and I no longer live in that city.. as I said.. to have them just do that.. no letter, just hey we bought the ticket, you owed money on, so we are here to collect.. well I have nothing. live on the dollar store items.. and have nothing to give them.. except my sweat and tears.. which is all they have given me and my family

  • May 6, 2016

In 2003 First Premier Bank had worked out a payment which was paid, now in 2016 I get a collect company wanting $733.00.

This problem was paid off in 2003 a company LVNV Funding/ Resurgent which is one and the same now is tying to collect a debt that has been paid and knowinf most people do not keep records for more than 10 years. This so all debt is wrong and plus is more than 7 years.

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