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Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
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  • Dec 7, 2019

I was introduced to Geo Star aka agusta summers and Sean Ironstag. They claimed to have 9 figures in crypto and a lot of other claims such as they were gonna repay me after borrowing money after a couple of days, they were just waiting on a crypto transfer.

Weeks went by and only story after story from Sean, Geo just ghosted After she used me and got what she needed. I should have listened to others who warned me on dealing with them however they had a story of how they were changing the world and since I am super nice and kind humanitarian I gave them a chance and believed in them.

This is why I am writing this because I was ripped off not only for the money they borrowed and lied about repaying. Also they damaged a car I was letting them use for free as well ticket and got it towed, also promised to repay me for that and pay the ticket and never did, just wasted more of my time with story after story as to why I am not being repaid.

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