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Luzerne County Children and Youth Services

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Wilkes-Barre
Address 111 North Pennsylvania Ave.
Phone 570.826.8710

Luzerne County Children and Youth Services Reviews

  • Jan 31, 2018

My sister spent her first Summer second thanksgiving n. Second Christmas with my family , her first and second birthday was also spent with us . the problem began when children and youth Requested that my mom take custody of the baby all because they were trying to get rid of the biological parents . which my mom did eventually 2 months after. she got parshal custody because her paternal grandmother decided that the child would be best left in the care of my mother. And would vist her on weekends these decisions were made in the best interest of the child.

A few months went by during one of her visits of her paternal grandmother's residence her biological father gave the baby alcohol thus causing Children and Youth to take the baby into sheltercare. Even though this incident was reported by my mother, because the baby wasn't in her Care at that time. about 5 months Ago when little sister was ripped out of the arms of my mother by the luzerne county children and youth because of something she wasn't responsible for. the battle between my family and then hasn't been easy because these people took it quite personal . Even though the shelter house that she has been placed in is overcrowded and she has been neglected for the past 5 months.

They haven't shopped clothing for her or shoes. She contracted a ringworm that was the size of a pea which has grown gradually into the size of the base of a water bottle dust causing the Lost of her hair . while Children and Youth find it to be OK im begging n pleeding for justice for my little sister . It's not easy watching my sister cry everyday bitter tears knowing the fact that she can't stay with us and she has to leave to go back to the house of neglect which she's facing everyday please help us bring our baby back home to us .

Anybody with information can email me.

  • Dec 23, 2015

I began to take care of my niece's youngest son on June 11, 2015. He was born on May 20,2015. I went to the Cps office signed papers that I would be his guardian. They (Cps) asked me to do somethings to my home an it was done. They weren't being fair towards my niece an I spoke out for her (which they didn't like) I also take care of my mentally ill brother, 72 year old mother, an my 11 year old nephew. The baby had been in my care for almost six months before they came an said in a manner of words that my home was a dump! They told me that I had to find another place for my brother to live an I did he went to live with my sister. During this time was when I found out that they were in trouble for a 21 mth old baby who was beaten to death. I also found d out that there was a court order that the baby was to be placed in my brother's care because he had his two year old brother. I have never felt so ashamed an hurt from the things that had said. I once offered not to be paid if that was the problem but it wasn't. They set me up an didn't like the fact that I helped my niece (which I thought I was suppose to do according to Cps). Now they refuse to compensate me an are railroading my niece. I brought up compensation because I don't have the baby which the social worker said that she put in for me to adopt the baby an when the day came an I had to hand over the baby it broke my heart. The supervisor, Mary an the worker, came to my home an made me feel ashamed of my home by telling me it wasn't good enough. I did everything that they asked me to do an they still took him from me. So I feel that they should compensate me for all those months. Not to mention, that the woman from kinship only came twice to my home she was suppose to three times. Let's face it they were trying to cover themselves my home, was never going to be enough I was never going to be good enough. So how do I get compensated?

  • Aug 1, 2015

There is something terribly wrong with an agency has full power to steal babies from their parents with no proof and the parents are given no rights what so ever.

On December 22nd 2008 my brother, my sister-in-law and I were sitting at home preparing the upcoming Christmas events. My infant neice had already been put to bed. As we sat dicussing our plans for the weekend we were have a couple of glasses of wine. At approximately 10:30 PM I went to bed leaving my brother and sister-in-law downstairs. At approximately 11:30 PM I heard my sister-in-law crying and yelling. I woke up and went down to see what was going on. When I found her she was in the kitchen crying outloud that if her mother never loved her why should my brother or I care about her. She was saying a lot of stuff and I just tried to hug her and let her know things would be ok. When I did that she pushed me away saying leave me alone. I tripped and fell and hit my head on the corner of a chair. My brother heard the commotion and came in to see what was going on. He also tried to hug her and comfort her, she again pushed him away and he stumbled into a corner curio cabinet. His elbow went into the cabinet and cut him. He then grabbed her and held her to the ground and asked me to call the police. We thought at that point she was experiencing some sort of nervous breakdown. When the police arrived I was sitting in the living room feeding the baby, and they separated my brother and had him join me. The paramedics arrived to attend to any injuries. My brother was really the only one with an injury but they convinced all of us to go to the hospital to be looked at. They explained that once we were medically cleared we would be sent home with the baby.

Once we reached the hospital things took a tragic turn. One of the nurses at the hopital decided to call C&Y. We do not know why but our lives haven't been the same since. We have never been given any type of explaination for why the took the baby except to say we were all drinking. However, we were at home, and no one was charged with any offenses by the police. As a matter of fact the police officer told us he didn't know why they were taking the baby, because they didn't see a need for children & youth to have been brought in. Since then we have all done exactly what has been asked of us however 7 months later and my neice is still in Foster Care. She was 6 months old when they took her. She has missed her first Christmas, New Year, Easter, and First Birthday. Since they took her she began to digress in her moter skills, and she has just began to walk and still doesn't talk. We have had two lawyer and neither have been able to do anything to stop the injustice which has occured. The first lawyer disregarded our requested defense and just did whatever C&Y wanted. The second lawyer tried to appeal the original decision but C&Y continued our court date so many times that we ran out of time to appeal anything.

We did nothing wrong except call for help. The night of the incident my Blood Alcohol level was .082 which is just barely over the legal limit to drive, but I was safe in my own home at the time. My brothers Blood Alcohol level was actually below the legal limit, yet C&Y says the child was taken because we were drinking. Well has it become illegal to drink in your own home? And if there is something wrong with drinking at home why are there 4 wine and spirit stores within 5 minutes of our home. This was just an excuse to steal a baby and try to adopt it out. This is a very sick country when this kind of thing can happen and there is no one to help. I have talked to the police Cheif, the Mayor the State Representative, The Govenor's office, The State Senator and I'm out of people to ask for help. The Mayor, the Police Cheif and our local State Rep have all tried to talk to C&Y to request they return the child and each time C&Y refuses contact, and makes things very difficult for us to see the baby.

Someone needs to put an end to this kind of Abusive system. There is no such thing as due process around here. You are at the mercy of the court and children and youth dictate to the judge what is to be done. No one cares about the facts. They made an accusation and no one would allow any of us to defend against their allegations. Please someone Help us here in Hazleton, this is only one of nearly a dozen horror stories. There is a despirate need for reform in the area. This is the same agency who has allowed children in foster care to be bitten by dogs, injured and just recently two childen died due to improper care by the foster parents. HELP before something happens to my sweet neice.

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