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Luxy Fashion Life

Country United States
State California
City Pacoima
Address 13507 Van Nuys Blvd #4709
Phone (877) 517-3637

Luxy Fashion Life Reviews

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  • Oct 25, 2018

Luxy Fashion Life Company advertised silver trimmed with a touch of gold(two tone) for men/women watch for $6.99. Ordered the women two tone watch and recieved a all gold rhinestone cheap watch in mail. Called(10/15/2018) the company customer service representative JOHN to inform that I had recieved the incorrect watch. Definitely wasn't the one displayed on the website. I offered to return the incorrect one at my expense but JOHN said no problem we will send you the correct one and you can give to someone else, do not worry about sending back.

Well, I received the 2nd watch on 10/24/2018 in the mail after opening, I immediately called company customer service representative and talked to JOHN again. He apologized for the inconvenience and mixup and will send the watch that was displayed on the website (two tone silver and gold). Once again I offered to return the 2 incorrect watches at my expense and once again he said no do not worry about sending back and I will send out the correct one. I asked JOHN in return, do you quys not communicate with each other when an order placed and the distribution center? He replied and said that he will make sure this time and sending them the order now.

I took a look at my bank account on 10/26/2018 and noticed an unfamiliar transaction that took place on 10/25/2018. I was livid! I called the number on the transaction and low and behold it was LUXY Fashion Life! They had charged me almost $100 dollars for an incorrect watch which I had not ordered! Never received the correct watch yet!

I am returning the 2 incorrect watches and LUXY will be putting MY money back into my account. In the meantime, I am reporting to Consumer Services and Better Business Bureau! This is not fair practice to consumers and it is very, very decieving! What a ripoff. If I dont' get my hard earned money put back into my account with 3 to 5 business days I will file against LUXY in small claims court!!!

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  • Nov 5, 2018


Almost the same thing happened to me, I got an ad thru Amazon to just pay shipping of 6.99 for ladies watch, I ordered it, 3 weeks later there's a charge for 99.89 for some kind of supplement , both charges on my bank statement were from trynutrapure , called the number that was on my bank statement and the guy tried to tell me I ordered a watch, I said I know, we went back and forth he was nasty and wouldn't give me a straight answer and called him an f-ing scammer and hung up, so because of this charge I was over drawn in my account which added up $75, so the bank is investigating

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  • May 9, 2018

I placed an order from and got moved to a site offering a free watch if I took a survey. So I did. I had to pay $6.99 and the watch that came was a really cheap version and not what was pictured.

Three days afterwards they charged another $6.99 and then $99.89 for a "designer" purse that I never ordered and 3 weeks later after finding all of this out I see that I still have never received anything from them.

I have since, disputed the charges through my bank and received reimbursement and my bank is going to reverse the fees back to the thieves. When I realized what had happened I came to this site to report the thieving criiminals!!!

I don't understand how merchants can charge your card again after you have already left the site. Uuugh...I hate dishonest people!

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  • Aug 18, 2018

Me too

Happened to me with my credit card Have filed a dispute with them,but now have to cancel card and lose part of my amount till settled.Tried to contact but always not their hours and my card shows I oked recurring with draw at $200 a

  • Jan 3, 2019

I completed a survey thinking it was through Amazon a trusted site I use frequently and was provided with an opportunity to get a watch if I only paid $6.99 for shipping, which I did. I placed the order in October and it claimed it was delivered in November. When I didn't get the watch I noticed a weird transaction from my bank account from Turn Pike Fitness for $99.89, I was floored since I never authorized this transaction. At the time I didn't remember the vendor and since it was $6.99 I didn't think much of it, I just figured they got me for $6.99 big deal but $99.89 is a different story. I also, couldn't look back to my recent transactions in my bank account since the transaction was taken out from a third party merchant.

I find it very sneaky that Luxy Fashion Life would use a third party merchant to withdraw money from customers, I would never associate Turn Pike Fitness with Luxy Fashion Life. You can imagine my frustration when I saw a transaction from Turn Pike Fitness especially since I’m currently pregnant and can’t use weight loss supplements. Since I did not recognized the transaction I immediately contacted my bank for a claims investigation, and they automically sent me a new bank card and informed me to get rid off the old one.

I did not make the connection between Luxy Fashion Life and Turn Pike Fitness until today after my bank informed me that they will be withdrawing the money from my account since the company had all my information, once again I was extremely upset and felt that I was being played by both my bank and Luxy fashion Life/ Turn Pike Fitness (whatever they are called). After I discovered who the actual vendor was I then remembered that I never got the watch.

I live in a multi-family house were packages are left outside and yes, when you track it, it says it was delivered but that doesn’t mean the package made it into my possession and there’s no proof that it did since I never signed for it.

This morning I had both my bank and a representative from Luxy Fashion Life on the phone. I have to wait at most 45 days for Chase (my bank) to refund the money to Luxy Fashion Life in order for me to get a refund. Since Chase opened a claim with Luxy Fashion Life I am unble to get my money because Luxy Fashion Life is claiming that they have not received any information from Chase stating that they matter was closed. Even with the Chase representative on the phone telling the representative from Luxy Fashion Life that it was closed and me asking them if I can scan and send them a copy of the letter Chase provided me they wouldn't budge. I was told by the representative from Luxy to check in periodically in order to get a refund since my bank may refund the money sooner then the 45 days.

I will continue to check in with Luxy Fashion Life to see if Chase refunded the money and I will also check in with Chase periodically. I expect to have my money refunded no later then 45 days from today. I will also be reporting this incident to the Better Business Bureau since Luxy Fashion Life is deceiving their customers by using a third party merchant to withdraw money. Luxy Fashion Life is not a transparent vendor and they refused to refund me the money sooner even though the error occurred on your end. What you did do was give me a run a round and made it impossible for me until I had my bank and one of your representatives on the phone together.

  • Jul 19, 2018

I received a watch which I believed to be my pay for a survey on line. Just found out they charged me $99 something and sent me another one this week and charged my account again. I called Customer Care and cancelled my account. Today I saw both charges and called them again. Tooooo late to do anything about it I was told. I asked to speak to someone higher up than she was and was refused. She went on to say I agreed to terms that I never saw.When I mentioned BBB and a lawyer she said she could give me back 35%, but that is all she could do. I had no other choice. I am very distraught about this.

  • May 28, 2018

The company -- luxyfashionlife--sent a survey saying this was for a 'give-away' on a watch for shipping fee of $6.95. I paid this & in a few days my account was charged $99.89!

I called them & told them I never saw where I was going to have an additional charge, and told them the watch that was sent was not worth any more than the shipping fee. They finally agreed to giving back 75%, after quite a bit of arguing with the person there and asking for a manger.

  • May 23, 2018

Made a purchase with Amazon on 5/5/2018 and was redirected to a survey site then an offer for a free designer watch for cost of shipping, paid using my debit card.

there was no request for authorization for future withdrawls from my account based on an agreement between this company and myself. there was no notice that this was a trial offer or that the trial offer had to be cancelled to avoid future charges.

my bank has opened an investigation on these withdrawals.

I contacted Amazon in an attempt to get contact information on this company and they had no information available. at that time I gave Amazon the information I had and explained that their customers were being ripped off by this company so Amazon will now open an investigation into this also.

  • May 22, 2018

Luxy Fashion Life I did a survey for Amazon for a FREE $100 gift from Luxy Fashions. $97.99 plus $99.89 plus international fees appeared on my bank card from them. They sent me a CHEAP $2 watch and even CHEAPER $1 necklace and charged me those amounts!!! They told me I failed to call them and return my order for my 10 day trial period under their policy. They supposedly started my 10 day trial on May 4th when I ordered my free gift and it ended on May 14th. They told me they had proof I received the items on May 16th. Common sense here? They could not explain to me how someone could have a trial period without an item! Said they would file a complaint with the USPS for me. Offered to give me half my money until I threatened legal procedures through corporate headquarters - to which Angel, Manager in Charge, gave me a phony corporate address in Florida. After a long, heated phone call I was able to get a refund of the charges. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!! Never order from them!!!!!

  • May 21, 2018

I took a survey for Amazon and was offered a free gift afterwards all I had to pay was the shipping. I accepted, and was sent two items. What they did not tell me was that this was a "trial offer" and id I didn't return the items in 14 days, I would be charged the "cost" of the item and enrolled in a subscription program. When I noticeed the charges, I called and the guy I spoke to, Lex, was not very helpful at first and then I threatened to report fraudulebnt charges and one of the charges was refunded. When I told him I had no problen sending the merchandise back and paying for shipping my self and more threats, I was only able to get a portion of the other charge returned. This company has no phone number that goes anywhere but the call center in Dubai, no address thta I can find, or any way of dealing with them directly. They are solely in place to steal from people.

  • May 9, 2018

After purchasing something on Amazon I was directed to this survey site. Free watch, just pay $6.95 in shipping. Like an idiot I did it! A month later I received this cheap $2 watch that doesn’t keep time or stay on my wrist. 1 month after that a charge for $98 came out of my bank account. I had no idea what it was for even after calling and trying to speak with someone that didn’t speak English. I immediately froze my bank accounts. In that same week I received another $2 watch. All I did was pay shipping with my debt card. I NEVER authorized anyone to take money from my accounts.

  • May 6, 2018

Charged me for items that I didn’t buy

  • May 4, 2018

i took a survey and for answering the questions they gave achose of awatch cream books etc for free and all i had to pay was 6.00. they sent a e-mail was the watch i order for 6.99 and a love necklace 5.95 i did not order a necklace

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