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Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 13126 S. Broadway
Phone 424-320-8590

Luxxella Reviews

  • Dec 6, 2016

Fraud Artists

Do NOT deal directly with Luxxella. After they take your credit card info, they have your money and all you get in return on the rare occasions they pick up the phone are false promises, face washes, outright lies and subsequently the realization you've been defrauded. I contacted my credit card company for reimbursement and filed a complaint with This company is as dishonest as they come. I wish the option of zero stars is available. 1 star is far too much.

  • Apr 11, 2016

Luxxella is a scam, nothing more

After months of delays, and totally bizarre interactions with their "customer service" department, we asked for a refund. The woman on the phone offered to give us a 5% discount. We said no, that we wanted a refund, and she put us on hold so she could talk to her manager. The "manager" came on the line and said that their entire billing department was "out on vacation" and they couldn't process a refund, but would try to send us a check in a week or so. We are going to dispute the charge with our credit card company as we highly doubt we'll be getting any check. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH LUXXELLA!!!!!

  • Apr 2, 2016

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH LUXXELLA !!! This company has the worst customer service in the industry. They take your money, won't ship your order, and lie to your face. If you are lucky enough to get your order at all, and in one piece, then you are in the minority. This company will not stand behind their product and they lie to their customers.

We originally ordered a sectional through Amazon, which we got about 2 weeks later than promised. When we received our order many of the clips were already broken and a cushion was missing. It took several months to get a replacement cushion. That was the best part....

The product fades in the sun within 12 months. Our patio is covered but the fabric fades quickly. The try to sell you this "upgraded" fabric called Sunbrella, but it's outrageously expensive with no guarantee that it doesn't fade either.

About 6 weeks ago we decided, because we already had a significant investment in an L-shaped sectional, to purchase an additional side to make it a U-shaped sectional. Purchasing a new one would cost upwards of $3000. We found that we had to order this directly on, because Amazon only offers sets. The cost for the additional pieces totaled $912, which we figured was pretty good. However when we went to checkout the total for our order was over $1800, because they were adding on a shipping charge that was nearly more than the entire order !! When I inquired about this shipping charge the person said that if I wanted free shipping I had to have an order over $999. I asked for free shipping based on the fact that I was only $78 below the threshold and that I was a return customer, but they insisted they could not give us free shipping. However, they indicated that if I bought another item they would discount it so that I could get free shipping, but the item had to be over $300 before they would discount it. We went ahead and did this thinking that at least we'd get an additional item at a reasonable cost. We were also promised that this would be shipped within 7-10 business days (as their website indicates).

After 2 weeks I started inquiring as to our status and when our order would ship. We were told numerous lies about how they were in their busy season, and that they were waiting on shipments of materials, etc. We were then given a shipment date of March 25th. On March 25th I called and spoke to a female who said "your order is in the process of shipping", so I asked for tracking information, which she indicated would not be available until the end of the day. I waited until Monday March 28th morning to validate that the shipping information had been updated on the website, which it had not. I then tried for 2 days to get in touch with them, which is nearly impossible. They make excuses like "our phones have been down", or "we are updating our system", bunch of crap.

At this point I've had it and pretty angry. I asked to speak to a manager, that was refused. I asked to speak to the owner, that was also refused. I asked what was the status of my order since it was promised last Friday that is WAS shipping. I was then told that all orders are delayed by 2 weeks because of a "technical problem". I was given the opportunity to cancel my order, but after researching this company I have determined that that's not a guarantee either.

The bottom line is that they are completely dishonest, incompetent, and unprofessional. I have no confidence that our order is going to ship on April 8th, I'm sure there will be another lie, that I will have to chase them down to figure out, meanwhile my credit card was charged 6 weeks ago.

Amazon should drop them as a vendor!

  • Oct 7, 2015

Ordered an outdoor furniture set for over $2,000 in July of 2015. Was Informed of 5-7 weeks for delivery. Items never arrived, excuses were always made. When contacting customer support, it became clear that Luxxella conducts their business practices in a very nefarious and unprofessional manner. In addition to their blatant lack of customer service and defrauding customers, we had our bank card that was used to purchase the set compromised shortly thereafter. Now I'm not one to point fingers, but this seems rather suspect considering the manner in which Luxxella operates. Earlier in the day, I spoke with Luxxella, who assured that my items would be here on Friday October 9th, 2015. Then, when initiating an online chat with them later that day, I was told by Balthazar Saul Rembrandt that my order would arrive between 13-16 October. When I asked to speak to an operations manager or the person in charge of Luxxella operations, they would not answer me. Additionally, as a servicemember, I have had my information compromised, compliments of the HMO that oversees the military system, so I really do feel there is a possible link or vulnerability of systems involving this company and my credit card getting hacked into by some tire outfit in China. I have a chat transcript available for review as well that clearly indicates their attempts to cover up lies with more lies. Interestingly enough, Southeastern Freight Lines, their shipper who they claim was delivering it, does not even ship past Texas in their route map, yet I was told the items shipped from Los Angeles. Even more suspect.

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