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LuxurySilkyHair Co.

Country United States
State Alabama

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  • Oct 29, 2018

I discovered this company on Instagram and ordered from their website at the end of September. I am a wigmaker in my spare time and needed extensions for a future project meant for a friend of mine who is going into her first round of chemotherapy. After six long days of trying to contact them via email and instagram with no response I finally got a response as to why my order was so late and why I did not receive a shipping confirmation or tracking number. Sadly for them, this came just a day after I filed a claim with Bank of America on the grounds that I had not received my order in the time frame they promised (three days). After I finally received my package I called Bank of America and cancelled the claim.

Weeks later (Tonight at 10:30 PM CST) I receive a mean-spirited email from them calling me a scammer and saying that I committed bank fraud (and attempting to use other scare tactics stating that they have pictures of my residence).

They called me out of my name, told me that I was "hard on times" and that I was the one who in fact scammed THEM for filing (and later cancelling) the claim.

In the SIX DAYS I waited for them to respond to me I tried everything in my power to contact them. Including Instagram DM's, Comments (which they deleted in the meantime of not replying to me), Emails and even calling the number listed in the meta data of their website that is now disconnected. ((562) 373-2676). And yet, once the claim finally hit THEIR bank they had the audacity to email and harass me for not understanding bank procedure nor having the professionalism to send a simple email saying "Hey, we processed your order, but due to ________ reasons it will take longer to ship than normal."

Since I made a phone call to cancel the claim and can't screenshot that, I am contacting them first thing in the morning to obtain written proof that the woman I spoke to annotated my account correctly. Once I receive that I will upload it here as well.

Here are the facts about this terrible company and why you should not do business with them:

The company does not reply to messages in a timely manner.

The company deletes your comments when you reach out to them for help with your order.

They post pictures that are Geo-tagged in multiple major American cities but their packages are shipped from Xuchang China.

They have poor English grammar and communication skills.

They attempt to humiliate, belittle and berate you for doing the smart and LEGAL thing of contacting your bank when you do not receive what you paid for in the time frame that their website promises.

After being referred to as SIR, I am posting my review of this company for other potential customers to see. BUYER BEWARE.

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