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Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 160 Las Vegas Blvd N
Phone (702) 907-6545

LuxuryPad Reviews

  • Dec 18, 2019

This company is very unprofessional they steal from their Air Bnb properties as well as treat the people who work for them like dogs. They try to make unheard of rules and will not pay you for work that you have done and do not communicate.

The owners girlfriend/ MGR is always very irrate and goes overboard with things she says and the way she treats people is very out of line if she has a problem with you she will tell you that she will take away shifts and totally belittle you.

If you try to say anything about it they will just get rid of you all together with not even a little remorse or feeling. She has gotten fisical with employees over issues and is known to be very impulsive yet the people that bust there butts making sure his Air bnb rentals are takin care of get treated like garbage not paid what they should and very unfair.

They claim that there is nothing anyone can do since employees are i9 but yet hold paychecks and never pay ontime and if you ask then they will flip out yet they will talk crap and try to say they will write you up if you are late.

They are very much about themself they take from places they shouldnt and when a issue happens like a broke toilet they try to fix it themselfs and charge owners a huge fee when they only make it worse. Something needs to be done about this as they believe they can treat people with so much disrespect and claim to be something they definitly are not.

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