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LuxuryMortgage Corp.

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address East 42nd Street, Suite 4900
Phone 888-394-5383

LuxuryMortgage Corp. Reviews

  • Jul 18, 2017

Luxury Mortgage seem to have fired the first guy I worked with, took 6 months to get me approved and then once approved they seemed to just refuse to give me the loan. No explanation. The seller walked away, I lost the house with $110k in equity in it.

Whats worse is that their lawyer office seemed to be hacked and they sent me incorrect wiring information - so I lost another $30K to fraud. They didnt even apologize, take any responsibility, nor try to help me in any way.

Oh yea, they also charged me for appraisals for homes they couldnt even help me with - oops!

Sound like a nightmare - it WAS!

I even wrote CEO David Adamo to beg for help so I dont lose the deal. The managing director I was working with Mike, said that it was he who refused to give me the loan.

So I lost 1 year of working on this deal, 6 months of working with luxury, $110K in possible profit, $30K+ of my cash... DO NOT WORK WITH THEM.

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