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Lincoln Steel Buildings

Country United States
State Florida
City Coral Springs
Address 6295 W Sample Rd #670611
Phone 1 877-422-9761

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  • Sep 3, 2019

Their definition of "Minor Field Fabrication" really means that you will be doing lots of cutting and drilling of the steel to make it work. I paid for a "Pre-engineered Kit Building". Since I want walk through/man doors so I can get in and out of the building, I have to now cut and drill all the steel that is to be installed for this.

Apparently Lincoln engineers can't figure out the steel for this and leave it up to the customer to figure it out. I talked to Lincoln and he inicates thats normal, I say BS. I pay for a 100% COMPLETE ENGINEERING and got 80%. I also installed the ancor bolts when I poured the concrete according to the drawing they provided and the supports require more bolts that the drawing depicts. They said that not a mistake, thats how it is. What?

Tell me to install 4 ancor bolts for the main support columns, but building is made for 6 ancor bolts at each column. Who has to pay to have the building reassembled when it falls over? I bet if you ask Lincoln they will tell you "That's Normal". I do not and never will recomend a Lincoln Building. Also, getting the building delivered was nothing but problems. Lincoln custemer service? Poor at best.

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  • Oct 15, 2020

I received a quote to manufacture a building for me, I agreed to the pricing sent them in total $15,000.00 for half of the building witch included blueprints and then I never heard back from them. I've tried calling and emailing and nothing

  • Jun 18, 2020

I have been waiting on my building to be delivered since March and they have come up with one excuse after another why they could not deliver it.... Since I ordered it in Oct it has been 9 months waiting and listening to their gimmicks and lies. Elena Hill is the office manager and one of the biggest liars. This information below is a recap from an email of wire transfers, credit card charges and certified cashier's checks I have sent them which I still have copies of.

My husband spoke with Shala Crago today 06-19-20 who says he is the manufacturing and shipping manager at the manufacturing plant in Arizona which is not where the other guy Dylan who is also a shipping manager said it was being held. He said our building materials where on a pallet and ready to go in Pennsylvania. Crago said we could come tour the plant, but he did not send us an address. I sent an email requesting an address today 06-19-20 but did not get it.

Lincoln Steel Buildings

Building Price:


Revision 1:


Revision 2:


Revision 3:


Total Price:


Deposits paid:



















Total Payments:



$2,781.00 to be paid upon delivery

Other Info on people I spoke with at Lincoln Steel Buildings:


Elena Hill- Office Manager

Lincoln Steel Buildings


Jonathan Maldonado-Engineering Correspondence!

Lincoln Steel Buildings

T: 754.600.5757

engineering department at 877.422.9761.

Elena Hill

Lincoln Steel Buildings LLC

6295 West Sample Road #670611

Coral Springs, Fl 33067


Lincoln Steel Bldgs:21-0057

Florida Department of Revenue # 16-8017807273-4

Another Address They Used was:

401 Fairway Dr. Suit2 Florida 33441


John Rentas -Sales Associate

Lincoln Steel Buildings | 6295 W Sample Road #670611 Coral Spring, FL 33067 |1-877-422-9761 Ext 5763| Direct (754) 600-5763

[email protected]

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