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Country United States
State Arizona
City Tempe
Address 60 East Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 400
Phone 1-800-543-3562

LifeLock Reviews

  • Jan 7, 2021

Numerous others from around the United States are saying the exact same thing I am and have deleted their accounts as well. Many have gotten nothing from NORTON or LIFELOCK, but I plan to pursue this until the day I die; that’s how upset I am now.

During my time using the Norton LifeLock Ultimate Plus for my Wife and Me, I was contacted by GOOGLE (who, for some reason, could lock all my credit cards, checking, and savings accounts, all in one day. How in the hell is this possible? I didn’t give GOOGLE any permission to lock my accounts, yet they did. My identity was stolen with over 7,000 dollars used in an online gaming app that I don’t even use or want to use.) Each and every time I’ve called (for two years straight), not once was I offered or sent to NortonLifelocks fraud and identity detection team restoration for the restoration of my good name.

Since then, my credit scores have remained below 500 or lower in this case. Instead, I was hung up on multiple times, treated like a child, second class citizen, or more inferior, in this case, laughed at so many times I can’t count, and told what I can and cannot say, even when upset. The PHILIPPINES outsourced people lied numerous times about getting a supervisor that was the same person, only a muffled voice. I demanded someone in the United States and was hung up on, refused service even though I was a paid customer for years until today 01/07/2021.

I am so d**n tired of these outsource people and demand that something is done to take away the jobs overseas and bring them back to the United States where they can be held accountable. In this case, (NORTON and LIFELONG) has lost two customers forever. I want my money back for not protecting my identity, canceling the items I put on the accounts for monitoring, which subsequently allowed the people (fake people from LIFELOCK) to have all of my information to use it as they choose. This is not right, and I demand justice, my good name, credit scores, credit (ALL BE RESTORE IMMEDIATELY)!

This is a HUGE warning to ALL LIFELOCK and ALL NORTON users. Stop using them immediately and do it yourself. Stop paying for businesses like this that never have time to do their job (I’m doing it for them). They need to pay me.

NORTON LIFELOCK ULTIMATE PLUS at 30 dollars each person did not detect the identity theft (GOOGLE DID!) How in the *** is that possible??????? I plan to follow this and fight until everything is restored, and justice is served. And to the PHILIPPINE *** that laughed at me, they hung up the phone numerous times, start looking for another job now (you’re fired effective immediately!) I will be contacting several states, federal, local authorities, and then overseas (INTERPOL) to track down everyone involved. What you did to me was wrong, but the reviews from other friends have stated nearly the exact same thing I am saying here; I’m just willing to go forward with all of this to make a point and bring justice.

I would love to upload documents, emails, texts to my cell phone, but there are so many and so many breaches to even begin to upload. The FBI definitely needs to get involved, and so, I will be contacting them next.

LIFELOCK says they provide lawyers to fix this stuff for me as part of the plan I have been paying for. Still, nothing has been done or offered to correct this deficiency and significant NORTON and LIFELOCKS system flaws. They only want your money but provide nothing in return.

User’s recommendation: FIRED THEM OVERSEAS *** STOP THE OUTSOURCING TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES THAT DON’T CARE ABOUT THE UNITED STATES, and I quote, “Spoiled Americans” as it was stated to me on their recorded lines and my own recorded line they were advised that I too was recording them.


  • May 26, 2020

Life Lock Life Lock. did not inform me of fraud on my account. No way to contact them except there phone and they do not pick up. don,t go with them they suck money out of you without any service. did not report fraud like its there job. payed for nothing life lock

  • Jan 17, 2020

Before you read this, I want to warn that you are about to be confronted with the truth about Norton LifeLock unless you have seen the wind. You may not like what I have to say but I guarantee you LifeLock is 200% dam good at deception and false advertisement.

You form your own opinion. I care about the truth. I detect lies of any kind from companies such as this one or individuals that attempt to defend them. If you have blind faith or a holly felled fool than LifeLock is for you. We do not have to like each other. We do not have to live next door to each other. But we have to call a spade a spade and not a diamond!

The scripted heads you see speaking for the company has a vested interest in misleading the general public to join. Well folks these rip off vultures that have scavenging and pick you pockets are being called out today. Yep, they are just opportunities looking for an opportunity.

I joined LifeLock in November 2019. Dam what a grave mistake, I wrote my own obituary and still living. This company are located in Arizona until you pullback the curtain of OZ and discover you are taking to someone overseas. Plain and simple it's that same old familiar rotten stench of you giving a foreigner your house or car keys.

The overseas gatekeepers are there to protect the Empire setting at the master's table being well fed and satisfied. After all what do they have to lose? NOTHING! Just think you have given them all the necessary information to drain you dry like they did me. If you do your research you will find out that high $$$ scams are done overseas.

LifeLock is a trustworthy company only if you believe the just system is colorblind when it hands out punishments. Some people get justice and some get punished. Those that have money get justice and the ones without it get punished. I had a scam that was linked to my savings account that withdrew a huge amount of $$$ from the account.

The LifeLock representative told me to contact the financial facilities to file a scam report. The financial institution refused the transaction therefore, I had to contact LifeLock the nightmare in the daytime. I attempted to access my account numerous times and called repeatedly. Both methods were fruitless.

LifeLock will lead you down a primrose path that they have carefully created and orchestrated by their gate keepers into believing it protects you and you will be reimbursed for any loss funds. Well I am one of those that got punished folks.

  • Dec 6, 2019

People claim to be Norton security agent, Ask for subscrition fee paid in bitcoin to help you catch scammers

Is this a scam ?

  • Jun 8, 2019

Twp of my consumer credit cards were stolen and fraudulent charges made and LifeLock never informed. I wanted to cancel but refused to give me a refund for the remainder of my annual payment. Poor English speaking consumer customer reps.

  • Mar 17, 2019

Do NOT waste your money. Dad was paying for their top "protection" and they didn't even notice when his SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK was stolen. Twice.

Even after all the red flags, asking them and our bank for help, ransomware was on his computer and resulted in $8k being stolen and LifeLock doing NOTHING. Not a d**n thing.

LifeLock is a total Scam. Save your THIRTY DOLLARS A MONTH. When you need them, it's all your fault and there's nothing they will do but tell you what YOU did wrong. Amazingly horrible SCAM as bad as the scammers that stole $8,000 of his money. Totally worthless.

Here's what they said they'd provide:

SSN and Credit Alerts†

Security protection for up to 5 Devices4

Bank & Credit Card Activity Alerts†

Alerts on Crimes in Your Name

Annual 3 Bureau Credit Reports + Credit Scores 3

401(k) & Investment Activity Alerts†

Here's what they actually provide:


  • Sep 23, 2017

I purchased lifelock a year ago after 1 month I downgraded (or so I was told ) from $19.99 to $9.99. I cancelled their useless service last month. I was charged again this month, also after reviewing my bank statements I saw I have been ccharged the $19.99 all along! They are doing exactly what they are supposed to be protecting consumers from. Stealing your credit card information and lining their own pockets!

  • Jul 20, 2016

Ironically to me, instead of protecting our identity, most often in cases of transactions and access of credit reports, I contend that Lifelock is so negligent that it may very well perpetuate criminal activity. As a Lifelock user since 2009, if I were a criminal, I would steal the credit card numbers of known Lifelock members.

Read on as to why not to buy Lifelock service -- or not enroll at all. I bet there are millions who share my sentiments.

After getting the service, I received a validation call to a transaction I made at an AT&T store. Cool, glad I got this!

Since 2008, I have sold and bought two new cars, a house, open many new cc accounts, had my card number stolen where multiple fraudulent purchases were made...the list goes on.

After getting routine email from Lifelock that "we protected you this month, there was no fraudulent, or credit, activity. As I explained above, Lifelock services and value to me would be akin to everyone in my family dying, there being no record with my life insurance provider, and their denial of life insurance I've paid for years.

Yup, I've paid for Lifelock with annual renewal since 2009, and just considered it a necessary evil.

Finally, I logged on the website today. There was very current information. Since 2009, they report no instances except that I moved to a new location (a second move). It was correct so they can bill of course, but the address on account was my 2009 address. I looked to my billing section and it showed that my service was in effect until 2019.

This a lot longer than I wanted it to be so more people might read. Write of your own disgust, terminate the service and get it from your bank. By the way, when my card was stolen and four purchases were made, I reported them to Wells Fargo, who "ate" the cost three days later -- and I don't even have ID protection service from them.

These experiences make we want to vomit on the shoes of the founder who posted his SS# number on a truck, drove around town to prove his security and his number was used to create fraud against him.

  • Feb 2, 2016

ON 11/26/2015 I signed for a Lifelock Plan protection and paid $98.90 for the annual service. I was promised 25000 miles to be posted on 01/27/2016 in my American Airlines account, I sent two emails and now they say I have to contact American Airlines. I think this is a deceptive offer and I remember that when I enrolled I asked all kinds of question to the enrollment agent. I think people should know about my experience with the miles offer from Lifelock and American Airlines.

  • Dec 3, 2015

I joined LifeLock to protect my credit cards. My card was hacked for $3,000.00 and my credit card notifyied me. I called LifeLock and asked them why did they not notify me about someone using my credit card. The customer service agent advised me that it was the responsibility of the credit card company to do that. I asked the agent what I needed them for if they could not let me know when someone was using my credit card. The agent did not answer. LifeLock is a waste of money and time. I canceled them after that answer.

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