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LifeGlo Garcinia

Country United States
State Alabama
Address 3201 W. Hillsborough Ave #153201 – 1191
Phone 1-877-753-1035

LifeGlo Garcinia Reviews

  • May 23, 2017

While watching televison on 3/17/2017 at 2:29pm saw a weightloss advertising for "Garcinia Cambogia". Called the 800 number to order the "$4.95 trial offer". Provided my debit card number.

At no time during the ad did I see anything about cancelling the order in a specific time. At no time during the add did I understand that I would also be signed up for "trial offer for Green Coffee for $6.95. And certainly there was never any legitimate disclosure of on-going bottles being delivered for $84.95 and $79.95.

The product took forever to arrive which is exactly as intended,apparently. By-the-time the product arrived it was apparently not within the time frame to cancel.

When I received an email on 04/19/2017 saying my product was on the way, I immediately informed the company via email that the trial offer product had been received and I did not want anymore nor were they to bill my debit card for anymore charges. There response was that I needed to call in. I did call and was met with resistance, being told I could not cancel. I told them I was cancelling and advised them to provide an email documentation of such. The call was made on 04/19/2017. The subsequent cancellation email notification from Lifeglo was received 04/21/2017 with indications that I ordered the product on 04/03/2017 and 04/04/2017, which I did not.

My debit card was billed $4.95 and $1.99 on 03/18/2017. My debit card was again billed on 03/20/2017 for $6.95 (Green Coffee). And then 04/04/2017 my debit card was billed for $84.95. Once again my card was billed on 04/06/2017 for $79.95.

The only charges I authorized were on 03/18/2017.

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