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Liberty Lagana Furniture

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Meriden
Address 75 W Main St
Phone 203-235-2529

Liberty Lagana Furniture Reviews

  • Mar 2, 2016

I purchase my bedroom set "Shay" queen size and my daughter's bedroom set from Liberty Lagana. I was able to make the purchase over the phone. I knew what bedroom set I wanted, I have been looking at it for 3 years now. I have seen the set at Ashley Furniture. I was super excited when I was on Facebook and the same exact set popped up and it was a few hundred cheap. So I called the store and got information on how to go about ordering and getting it delivered. That process of the taking my money was easy. I "thought" it was a very good company with very professional employees. 2/19/2016 day of my delivery, I thought that they were going to put the sets togethes. They didn't no problem. It was two guys very sweet and playful with my children. They placed the pieces were we told them. No problem. They left, once we put the bed together my daughter say, "Mom your bed have a crack on it." I said please tell me you're joking? She says no I'm so serious. I got up from the inside of the frame and looked at the footboard. I said omg you have to be kidding me. Now I believe the time of delivery was between 8:45 am to 9:30 am. 13 pieces were delivered. I called the store not sure who I spoke to, but explained to them the issuse. He gave me a cell phone number to sent a picture of the crack and the sticker on the inside of the footboard, did that. The piture was sent 2/19/2016 at 10:39am. He told me the person was out sick that needs to handle it from here on out and I would get a call. Two to three days later I didn't heard anything back. I called the store and asked what was going on. I was informed then that they had order me a replacement and I would get a call when it was in. So 2/28 I still haven't heard anything and the store is close on Sundays. I texted the number that I was given and said, "I haven't heard anything about my footboard!" The person responded 3 minutes later and said it will be in on Tuesday. NOW THE NIGHTMARE BEGIN 3/1/2016. I got a call that I missed, I called back and they told me my footboard was in and I can come get it or I would have to wait until they had a delivery in my area. I asked the guy if he knew when that was going to be? He told me no. I then asked him if that could be weeks or months from now? He said I really don't know, but the owner was not going to make a trip just to replace my footboard. I ask may I talk to the owner? Now when the own got on the phone I asked him why would I have to wait on something that was delivered to me in that condition. He became very rude and disrepectful. He the OWNER stated that he had place the piece on the truck himsrlf and he wasn't sure when or if they had cracked the footboard, for all he knows I could of cracked it. He then tells me that I waited 3 days to notify him about the crack. I asked him was he serious? I told him I still have the text that was sent the day of delivery. I also told him that this was very unprofessional to make me wait until they have something in my area. He stated you can come pick it up. I told him that I had no way there it about 40 minutes away from me. He "OWER" then began to over talk me and stating I have customer in the store to deal with and hung up on me. I called back and told him that I was going to be contacting the BBB about this situation, he laughed and said yeah ok! I also took steps on their facebook cite and put up a review about my experiences. About and hour later I knew I would have to take further action, I called to get his name. They must have caller id, because when I asked for the own's name I was hung up on. in the process of trying to have my boyfriend call to from his number to see if he could get it. The owner called back. He stated that I could not have his name due to the bad review that I have given them on facebook. And if I slender his character in anyway he would sue me, he also informed me that since I gave them a bad review I have to figure out how to he my QUEEN footboard . I told him he was joke and I didn't understand how he was still in business. Since this has happened they made it to were I can't comment on their page and have even called my phone and hung up a couple of times. What seem to be an easy sell have turned into a night mare from hell. I have never felt such disrepect from a owner of a business in my life. I'm taking further action against them. They have me feeling like I'm in a nightmare, so I'm going to make the feel the fire!!!!!!

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