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Leviathan Cannabis

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address #116 - 250 The Esplanade
Phone 416.842.8408

Leviathan Cannabis Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2020 and Leviathan Cannabis Group stole money from innocent investors and have tried to change their name to hide our warnings from future investors. We have been victims of a financial scam of extreme magnitude by a group of scammers led by an Attorney Martin Doane

How can it be possible that the financial authorities have not put any red flags on Leviathans fraud. They have also been pulling an insider job by joining forces with stockhouse which is a fraudulent stock trader bloc. This is one of the worst financial scams that has and has blindsided investors. Again the press releases that have been disseminated by Doane after holding a fake Shareholders meeting directly before changing their name is full of more lies.

If you take a good look at the new Leviathan Web site which now appears as Leviathan USA you can see clearly they are just continuing to use these media outlets to create smoke screens for investors who clearly don’t know how to research a company properly and steal their money while they do not actually work and they pay themselves huge salaries and bonuses and sell their stocks in shady contracts that earn them ludicrous paydays at the expense of all investors.

The company has yet to make a single dollar in earnings and marijuana has been legal in Canada almost 2 years and in the states commercial hemp operations have been going on even longer.

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