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Lemon Law Group Partners PLC

Country United States
State Michigan
City Southfield
Address 26777 Central Park Blvd #300
Phone 1 888-415-0610

Lemon Law Group Partners PLC Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2020

7/26/2020 I recieved a text message from Ferman Chevy stating I missed an appt for service on 7/23/2020. I reached out to Ada Brown 7/28/2020 and was informed GM had not requested a service appt and that they had missed the window to do so and not to bring in my vehicle. 7/31/2020 I recieve a text from Lemon Law Partners stating an appt for service needs to be scheduled and call Alex. I reach out to Alex and inform him of what was stated by Ada and he states I do not have to make and appt, so I don't.

After the interaction with Alex I get in an email exchange with Ada stating I have to do this appt and that I was never advised I didn't have to. I then am contacted by attorney Rachel Cichowic. I'm told repeatedly that her staff did not advise me I did not have to complete these appts and everytime I tried to speak she cut me off with "I'm the attorney". I stated in email with Ada prior to the encounter with Rachel that I did not wish to continue as I had no faith this was in my best interest since I'm continously given conflicting info, Probably leading to the incredibly unprofessional treatment.

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