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Ledger Reviews

  • Feb 18, 2021

A few weeks ago, I decided to buy a digital wallet to put my crypto currency into. My friend told me that the Nano X was the best way to go. I went online and tried to buy a Nano X & a Nano S. When I tried to pay for the items. The website for Ledger told me there was a computer problem, so I re-entered the information. I subsequently learned that Ledger decided to send two orders to me, the original which their computer system told me there was an error and a second one when I did not think the first order went through.

I tried repeatedly to stop the order, but they are using bots and kept getting texts to tell them what the problem was. I then received an email a few days later and the person informed me that I should have told them I did not want the order. I did, but they told me it was too late.

I then returned the packages UNOPENED to the address listed on their website. There was no one to call or talk to about this and the company does not respond to emails for a few days.

I have taken this up with my credit card company and have the shipping information that I provided to the company. They still refuse to pay me and told me I sent it to the wrong address although this is the only address listed!

BEWARE if you buy directly from the manufacturer, Ledger SAS. You may want to buy it from another vendor such as Amazon. The company will not respond so I may be forced to go to small claims court.

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