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LEAP Property Management

Country United States
State Texas
City Lake Dallas
Address 215 Betchan Dr
Phone 1 888-657-3033

LEAP Property Management Reviews

  • Nov 5, 2019

Unfortunately, I cannot at all recommend this property management company. The property was not cleaned before move it, yet they expect it to be in better condition when you move out than when you moved in.

When asked to provide reciepts of "professional cleaning" services they cannot not will not provide them. They tried to pass off a hand written receipt with no date and no company information as a “proof of cleaning”. When questioned about it they said they don’t have to show anything that wasn’t billed directly to us.

Super dishonest and untrustworthy people at LEAP. When there are stains on the carpet that we easily removed ourselves with a carpet cleaner AFTER we moved in, that makes this all too obvious. Additionally, it took them TWO WEEKS to even tell us what mail box was ours so we could get our mail and over a week to fix the garage door openers.

They left furniture at move in, but then charged us when we left one piece at move out. They will absolutely nickle and dime you on every aspect of move out and then if you have any questions at all they will completely ignore your texts, calls and emails and just expect you to shut up and pay.

If you're ok with just doing so, and letting them take advantage of you and your hard earned money, then this is your place. Additionally, their reletting fee's are 200% one months rent, mind you typical reletting fees are 80% one months rent and it took them only 1 week to find a new tenant BEFORE we even moved out.

DO NOT break a lease with this company! Even the property managers, manager, is never in the office and will not return my phone calls. Horrible business practices and even worse customer service. Its sad because when we were first getting into the place everything seemed fine and dandy, but as soon as we got they keys they couldnt care less about anything but getting their money. STEER CLEAR!

The rental contract contains very misleading information as to what will be paid and by whom. When I questioned this the property manager, Thais, became very rude and condescending, insinuating I was incapable of reading and that I was an idiot.

They address some points but ignore others, as they have ignored me for weeks. ESP. The issue with the carpets. And charging me for electricity that was beyond my contractual obligations. This is insane. They charged us $4777.43!

Super interesting that they “believe in open communication” yet will not return my multiple phone calls after weeks of trying to get in contact with the property managers’, manager. They do not return phone calls nor have any respect for customers time.

If they care so much about customer concerns, why refuse to call me back and ignore my inquiries? Thanks to your exorbitant fees I cannot afford to leave my job and come sit down with you, for you to just end up not being in the office as usual or blow me off again.


Two and a half months after moving out they send us ANOTHER bill for a "clogged drain"... $200.00. Which puts us now up to a total of $4977.43. You read that right, almost $5k they have expected us to pay. Per our lease agreement they had 30 days to send a final itemization and are just now sending another bill.

How long will we keep recieving bills from them and how much more are we going to have to pay? Unfortunately i'm not sure, but this is a huge issue and financial burden on me as a disabled veteran, I do not have this type of extra money laying around and they keep treating me with complete disrespect any time I ask questions. They expect me to just be quiet and give them all my money blindly. It's really sad that they are doing this.

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