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Law Offices of Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy

Country United States
State California
City Agoura Hills
Address 5627 Kanan Rd., #614
Phone 661-600-2264 & 951-268-8977

Law Offices of Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy Reviews

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  • Sep 16, 2019

This attorney is running for public office. Stop her now. A state bar complaint has been filed for keeping settlement check. She has all sorts of excuses as to why settlement check wasn't received. How many others out there have had their settlement checks held by this woman or have been scammed or left in the dust because she is too busy to handle your case like a professional and show up to court? File a state bar complaint immediately. Keep her out of public service and do not vote for her as she is also running for senate and assembly To be voted in november 2020).

She loves to boast about her maserati and her shoes but won't pay up. Is this really someone who holds her client's and the public's best interest at heart? Is all that garbage on her page genuine?

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  • Dec 10, 2019

My last hope but worst choice I ever made

She has no time only to meet for retainers , but than Tonda dissappears.

Thee is no integrity or compassion, neither fighting for you ar showing up for support.

Of course it is always the clients fault.

I mostly whole case and money

  • Dec 10, 2019

She has no time for clients

I had hired Ronda by her Paralegal John Angles.

Many prinses were made; pretending she would help the underdog.

I liked her and believed in her; it was very easy to meet with her wherever to sign the retainer ( and pay)

From that moment Ronda was not even discussing an RFO and some other essential information I knew she needed to know and wanted to discuss with her.

My second language is not English ; I needed someone to explain the law system, to work as a team and build trust.

Ronda took the money and when I had lost my own home, based on unethical situation she told me she was going to help me. She told me to leave my previous firm who was charging an insane amount of legal fees; about $35000 a month. She said she would help me to get their bill into at least 50..% but almost 2 months later nothing has happened.

I lost my car ownership due to legal fees, etc . She promised to giver her DMV referal;

I was just forgotten ; she was always in court and never answered calls, neither called my back, while she knew I needed for an emergency; family circumstances abroad. I also has a serious chronic health condition.

I became homeless while my ex is w multi millionaire, but the promise to meet with me somewhere else. BecuAse she donate a car, was too much.

I am so much further and have lost my case. She doenst care; only about the money;

I have asked daily for just meeting once so I coudl visit my family and father who is in a critical health condition;

She doesn’t care; I do have a court hearing and just wanted continuance so I could see my father who I have not seen for over a year.

She had of course no time. She knows I am.temporary without a car and I paid her lots of money, but she asks me to pick up my 7 boxes of files, just sitting there. Knowing I just can’t afford it.

I have lost my case becuAse of Ronda’s lack of integrity and showing up for once.

She doesn’t care Kenny about money.

Not about her clients.

  • Dec 10, 2019

Run away and safe your noney

I would run away as well; I ad spend a huge retinainwr becuAse I believed in Ronda. My case /family law, was timewise very critical.

I was hoping for team work and she Would follow up on promised made, but over a month she was not available;

I was in a serious homeless condition which would not had happened with more attention.

I paid 13,000$ up front and has not a chance to even meet with her for over a month; she is always in court. No time for a personal meeting when you are dealing with an emergency case.

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