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Ladies 4 VIP

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Phone (416) 888-0977

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  • Jan 30, 2017

I'd Like To Expose This Bottom Of The Barrel Toronto Based Agency!!! Hiring 16 & 17 Year Old Minors!!! Ladies4Vip Is A Joke Once Owned By An Albanian, Lebanese Or Persian Father, Now Passed To His Overweight Son Danny. REAL BUSINESS MEN Don't Need To Be Aggressive And/Or Intimidate Young Girls!!! The Staff Is All Drugged Out 21 22 Year Olds Including The Drivers. Hence Why They Prey On The Young, Weak & Vulnerable. They Operate In Midtown (Yorkdale Ish) In A Run Down Apartment Where The Drivers & Girls Do Drugs & Wait For Outcalls. They Take Money Back Off Girls On Slow Days Along With Personal Items!!! BLACKBALL THESE DIRTBAGS BY ANY MEANS!!!

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  • Jun 16, 2020

Stay away

I was raped by the owner in August of 2001. My 3 day of answering phones for him. I conceived a child that is 18 years old now.

STAY AWAY from this Agency. Shlomo passed the business down to his son Daniel Abuhav. - many company names, numbers, and addresses.

Shlomo Abuhav I - Canlii 2005 show Shlomo was suppose to be deported for sexually assaulting girls as young as 6yrs in Israel and was convicted in Israel years ago.

Shlomo's older son from a first marriage Adrian Korn is a hacker and does hack-a-thons with police to locate missing people.

Shlomo Abuhav was the last to see Laura Babcock alive while another man is in jail.

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