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Kreativ, Inc.

Country United States
State Washington
City Redmond

Kreativ, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 30, 2020

Wanting to make some extra money to supplement my Social Security, I answered an ad on FB and fell for their spiel to make me a website of my choice and bring in $3500 a month. All I wanted was to make $500 to a $1000 but their insisted I could do better than that. So I fell for it.

They looked into my credit cards, (with my permission, I regret to say) and they found I had $500 on the limit. of one of my cards. I got a call from John Giles, who worked with me a couple times a week helping me get started. Very eloquent and very knowledgeable and I felt more and more confident that "I can do this" with their help.

He worked with me for about 2+ months, then gave me to someone in accounting who insisted they needed more money to get me to marketing and making money. Telling me these success stories of people who had laid down 30,000 dollars and was making money head over fist. I was getting sicker by the minute for I knew there was no way I could ever find those kind of funds.

However after them working with me, he did find a credit card I had got through Kroger which had been my source for purchasing groceries for at least a couple months. When I got paid, I paid it off. I did not pay any attention to their being a $7500 limit, but believe me he did, and I foolishly allowed him to do. So now they are paid, and off they go.

The only way I can talk to them, is call. No one can answer, so I leave a number. Eventually when they decide to, they give me a call back, with a one hour limit. Their talking to me was basically the help I got, after telling them repeatedly I don't have a clue how to market or where to begin. They did 5 pages of something, but primised me it would not get me to the top of the search engines.

Frankly I don't know what my last $7000 paid for. I do have a good looking website, but no one knows its there, thus no sales in the 7 months they continued taking a consulting fee of $20 out of my Kroger credit card. They promised to call, but according to them when I didn't get a call, "your line was busy" which is not true when I was expecting a call from them. Never would I have chanced not getting to talk with them.

Other times I talked with someone in Marketing that had me doing "fill-in-nothing" jobs that was not pertinent to my site. Thus 8-10 days wasted. I talked with someone else in Marketing later to learn I had been doing a lot of something for no reason or would ever be helpful. Each time I spoke to someone different, they had a different idea as to what I needed to do to go live and get sales.

I'm so frustrated at my dream falling through after I allowed some smoothe talking "business" people talk me into listening to them, taking my money and not giving me anything in return. Now I don't even have a website I can work on.

I filed bankruptcy last week. I am so in debt I had no other recource. They have my money, I have nothing but a guilty conscience for allowing them to do me this way.

I really would like to see them pay for their fraudulent practices.

Thank you,

Anne Tanner

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