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Kobo Writing Life

Country Canada
City Ontario
Address 135 Liberty St #101

Kobo Writing Life Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2020

I have had a Kobo Writing Life account for about two years without any incidences. Suddenly, Sean Diddy Combs and his attorney Jonathan Davis wrote Amazon and Jeff Bezos to demand they close my account and not pay me royalties. Now, Diddy has contacted Kobo Writing Life to inform them to close my accounts and all books I published even if they don't have his name on them.

Is this right? Is this Black Excellence? Is this how black kings treat their queens? No. This is wrong! This is harassment and retaliation, and I ain't gonna have it, oooookay?

Kobo Writing Life emailed me out of the blue, and just simply stated that my account was closed and didn't offer any explanation. You can't do that! Diddy is mentally ill, just like Kanye West and needs therapy and most of all, God. I feel sorry for him and that severely unattractive attorney of his. Kobo Writing LIfe will not pay me the royalties I have earned because I speculate they have been paying Diddy my royalties. I feel Amazon never paid me royalties because they were paying Diddy my royalties under the table. Barnes and Noble contacted me July 4th, 2020 and closed my account and enclosed a letter from Jonathan Davis. They claimed I never earned royalties yet made a generous deposit to my account last night. How strange is that?

COVID-19 many things done in the dark are surfacing to the light.

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