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Knesek Guns, INC.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Van Buren
Address 1204 Knesek Ln
Phone 479-474-1680

Knesek Guns, INC. Reviews

  • Mar 30, 2021

I placed an order for a firearm from Knesek Guns, Inc. in March 28, 2020. Two days later I attempted to cancel the order. I was told the firearm was under construction and could only be canceled if I paid a 20% restocking fee. Several months later after numerous phone calls and emails they still had not shipped out the firearm.

By August, the company stopped responding to emails and their telephone service only stated firearm manufacturing status would not be provided. Every month I sent a email requesting shipping information or a full refund. The company failed to respond to any communication. It has been one year since I PAID for this firearm. Even with Covid19, this is no way to conduct business.

  • Feb 22, 2020

Knesek Guns/NWA Tactical/Thor industries, sells firearms and are a class 3 dealer in the town of Van Buren in the state of Arkansas. Larry knesek II or (Larry knesek jr) owns the above mentioned business (kGI) as it is sometimes reffered to. Knesek guns has a retail store and firing range at 1204 knesek lane in Van buren arkansas. it sells firearms there and also on the websites mentioned.

I attempted to purchase a knights armament suppressor. i talked to a salesman who no longer works there (imagine that) and i had to fill out a form 4. Knesek guns was supposed to send off the form and never did. They took my money (over 1000.00) for the suppressor. I filled out the form with their salesman and he was supposed to send to the BATFE.

i asked how long it should take and they told me it should take 3 months. i waited 3 months and i called. they said they had not heard anything so i asked how long i should give and they told me to call back in 2 weeks and they would call to find out what is going on. i waited and The guy told me that BATFE said they never got my 200 dollar deposit that i gave to knesek guns because they told me the deposit off with the paperwork. at this point it had been around 6 months. i was new to buying class 3 items and trusted the company to know the process and to keep things on track.

Upon discovery of the deposit not being given to the batfe i decided to cancel my order. i went in person and that is when things went really down hill. i talk to an employee and he is of no help, the salesman i was originally dealing with no longer worked there. they tried to convince me that they would re assign my order to another salesman and i said that i had waited too long and that the paperwork was still not submitted and i was just going to cancel my order. Then Larry knesek comes out and is unhappy at my decison to cancel the order and tells me that i did not keep my word by commiting to the order. I told him he did not keep his word to process the order in a timely manner and that it should not have taken 6 months to have paperwork sent to the batfe.

I requested a refund and i used 2 cards at the time. one credit card and one debit card. i had one card on hand and i got a 200 dollar refund out of over 1200. i told larry i did not have the other card on hand and he said it would be ok if i called them and gave them the number to do a refund over the phone. i said i would just come back and that is when he told me to get off his property and dont come back. He threatened to call the police if i did not leave. i left and went straight to the sheriff office to see if there was anything i could do in terms of having him arrested for theft. At this time i had no item i paid for and only a 200 dollar refund out of over 1200. The sheriff said there was nothing i could do except file a complaint and that it would have to go to small claims court.

I contacted the BBB and found several other complaints on this company and i posted my experience that were similar to others. I had been in contact with the BBB and they attmpted to resolve the problem and i have all pages printed out of the emails larry sent and the BBB process. I questioned Larry about the complaints on his business and he admitted to me he was in the process of getting them removed and all negative comments towards his business. I found out how he attempts to do this first hand...

upon trying the back and forth on the BBB website. larry made several lies in an attempt to try to claim he issued a refund. he only issued a partial refund and i printed out copies of his website pages to show there was no mention of restocking fees, only that there was a percentage added to credit card purchases. upon that knowledge i kept watching the website and noticed that one day there was an update where now there was a restocking fee added to the site and larry claimed it was there the whole time and i had proof that it was not there before. i had the date and time on the pages when i printed them off. it was 2 days later that restocking fee was added to the website AFTer i mentioned there was nothing said about a restocking fee.

At the same time as dealing with Larry's lies on the BBB website i finally got him to say on the BBB website he would issue a refund. I never got a refund and there was nothing else the BBB could do because all he did was say he was going to issue a refund and that satisfied the BBB resolution, but he never followed through. and now if you view the BBB website there is nothing on there negative about the company. i have print outs of the entire ordeal on the BBB website.

Be AWARE if something does not exist on the knesk guns website HE WILL have someone change it to match his claims. ALSO...If you post a negative experience dealing with him he will contact you by email. He did call me on the phone and made some criminalizing statements that i told him were recorded then after that all communication was done through email. and if you post about your bad experience to any gun forum he will threaten legal action. He told me he would not give me a refund until i removed the slanderous posts about his business and that he would sue me because he could prove he lost business because of what i posted.

I refused to remove anything because it was the truth and i found out who his attorney was and i called his attorney and i never heard anything back from larry or his attorney. SO be aware they will attmept to use scare/bully tactics to try and remove bad feedback. Larry will also create fake accounts and pretend to be other people and post positive things about the business. I am local and the local law enforcment were told not to have dealings with him. In the recent years the federal government did a raid on the knesek guns physical store. i do not know who he is still in business. READ THE CONSTANTLY CHANGING TERMS OF SERVICE. located at the bottom of the page under "terms''

Current terms are a NON REFUNDABLE 30% deposit and that is considered for all orders. they will NOT GUARANTEE THE PICTURES, DESCRIPTIONS ON THEIR SITE ARE ERROR FREE

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Larry knesek stole $1000.00 dollars from me and if you look into the company there are other accounts of shady business practices. If you get desperate and think you are immune to his lies and scams, and decide to order from him, if he cancels the order and then send a "new" invoice with extra fees in it you will be in the beginning stages of his scam.


  • Mar 10, 2017

Got ripped off! Went in there for ccl class & saw an fnx45 tactical which I was already going to purchase on line. I informed Chris, the employee at the time, that I could purchase the item for a better price on line & not have to pay tax. He went & spoke with someone in the back, tall blonde haired fella I believe, & said they were running a Christmas special & they would also discount the tax too. I purchased the gun WITH the rmr & suppressor I also wanted in full with cash for a good price so we also went ahead & purchased a glock 43 for the wifey too. Filled out all the paper work for the suppressor & Chris even said we could use it any time while we were waiting although I never asked to use it the whole time. I also had two other people with me who witnessed the entire transaction. After 6 mo ,I was trying to get the serial # to check on the status since we go in about once a month for the gun range & also made many phone calls. Always got, "he's not here, he's to busy, or he'll call you back" etc etc. After over a year of waiting, Chris was no longer there & another employee I dealt with said he would fix the problem after I emailed him a copy of my receipt. Again, after numerous attempts to get in touch, he emailed me a made up receipt that was incorrectly dated & said that I only purchased the rmr & would have to pay again for the suppressor. I couldn't believe that for only a few hundred bucks that they wanted to rip me off for, they are willing to lose a customer whose friends & family & self are always purchasing new weapons totaling $1000's yearly. After more numerous attempts to try & speak with someone about this to no avail, I finally gave up & chalked it off as a lose & lesson learned. Decent gun range, but if you make a purchase at the store, better make sure you walk out with it that day or your hard earned money is gone!

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