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kjanco | eBay Stores

Country United States
State Missouri
City Saint Louis

kjanco | eBay Stores Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2020

I bought an item from this seller. They have lots of good reviews. However, you only find out how good a seller really is when there is a problem. This seller gets an F in that regard. My order was supposed to have been delilvered. FedEx said it was delivered but it was not delivered to me. Also a signature was required because this was insured, however, it was not signed by me. It was signed in a way I have never signed my name so where ever it was delivered someone else signed it or the delivery person signed it.

That does happen. When I discovered that my package had not been delivered to me I contacted the seller. She cannot send a replacement because she does not have one and she refuses to refund my money so this is not a reputable seller that anyone should deal with. Not refunding money that should be refunded is akin to theft. So I am without what a bought and without my money which is due to be refunded to me. Pretty sad when people think that not refunding money to people that are due a refund think that they can get away with this kind of behavior.

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