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Kirkwood Chicago

Country United States
State Illinois
City Des Plaines
Address 1111 E Touhy Ave Suite #160
Phone 1 847-637-6637

Kirkwood Chicago Reviews

  • Jul 8, 2019

Kirkwood aka LAUNCH Chicago aka Infinite prey on ambitious recent graduates manipulating them through careful online reputation management and limiting information about day-to-day work. They're part of the Star Energy Partners network.

Positive reviews online are fake, created by the owner and founder, or the owner responds accusing the bad reviewer of being disgruntled or weak. All the photos of good culture are people who have managed to climb to the top of this sales pyramid.

Management never reveals that the job is door-to-door sales until you're being taken to a far off location, dropped off and left hours to make sales. You don't get to drive yourself. They depend on buzz words and the potential to become a manager to distract you from asking about the day-to-day. The work is 100% commission.

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