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Kimberlee Kile Henry Better Content Matters

Country United States
State Alabama

Kimberlee Kile Henry Better Content Matters Reviews

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  • Nov 29, 2019

While working at Content Equals Money, making $750 a week for 20 hours of flexible work, Kimberlee Kile Henry created a new writing service with another team member Alisa Hummell. They launched the company and poached clients while both on the payroll. They then went unto to poach many of the team members by spreading lies.

Also while on payroll, Kimberlee told Amie not to share the details of what was happening. Instead, Kimberlee Kile Henry encouraged Amie to keep things as quiet as possible. At the same time, Kimberlee was building a Facebook page to tell everyone that Amie was taking money from them.

Kimberlee Kile Henry took snapshots of the "supposed" business Paypal account. She then spread these doctered photos around to further spread lies about the company.

Kimberlee Kile Henry also sent multiple emails to each employee to absolutely max out their reimbursements. As COO who was building a competitive business she was 100% focused on spending as much money as possible. Kimberlee also purchased multiple softwares and programs that exceeded her budget.

Amie asked Kimberlee to fire Alisa in October, November and Kimberlee refused. In hindsight it's obvious she was protecting her current business partner.

Kimberlee Kile Henry lead the way to ruin the company. Within 3 months of being COO she tripled the company budget and took zero responsibility for this. Instead, she milked the opportunity for many months while actively trying to ruin Amie's reputation.

If you work with Kimberlee in any capacity be assured that she will take everything she can and will not be looking out for your interest.

I am only posting the items I have direct evidence for. There are numerous other incidents of threat against Amie that I cannot directly tie to Kimberlee.

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