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Country United States
State New York
City Brooklyn
Address 58 Kent Street

Kickstarter Reviews

  • May 28, 2020

I supported on and purchased a snapmaker 2.0 in 2019. They said they would ship in Feb 2020. Kept putting off shipping. Then the COVID 19 thing happens and they say they can't ship because no ships are sailing the seas bringing freight from China to US. Yet, in the meantime, they are opening new offices and showing them on their website. They are offering the same units that I purchased for sale and are giving definite delivery dates for them, yet cannot tell me when I will get my unit because they can't ship it.

They were glad to take my money at the beginning, but say that they cannot refund my money even though they are not going to ship my unit. If they were truly being honest, they would not be selling more units on their website while not shipping the unit I ordered almost a year ago and paid for. I blame as well, but there is no possible way to contact them to get their assistance on this problem.

They just helped to sucker me in to this scam. I have learned a lesson that cost over $700, so at least there is that. I hope people will read this and know that if you do anything with or, you will lose your money, and they will not give it back. They will not deliver the product, and you are out of your money. I know some people get what they pay for, and that is great, but when you defraud someone out of their money, and have no recourse to stop that fraud, then you should not be allowed to to charge to a credit card. I am reporting this to the United States Postal Inspector as this is a form of mail fraud.

I am sure nothing will be done, but when you lose this much money and have no physical address to go about getting your money back, or even confront the thief, then that is all you can do. I will not be buying anything made in China again if at all possible. It looks like I am the fool that fell for fraudulent marketing, so I blame myself for that, but hopefully all can learn from my stupid mistake.

  • Apr 8, 2020

This company advertised on kickstarter that they were manufacturing outdoor spin torches, these people never delivered the product that I paid for and I'm sure that goes for many other people that have been waiting for over a year .

  • Dec 10, 2018

This man Demetrious Jimmy Boudourakis uses many alias, and alias companies that sound legit. He described himself as Kick Start Funding, when you google this Kickstart funders (a real company) comes up and you figure it the same company, or Black rock funders (there is a real company named Black rock) then he usually has you talk to 2 different people. The 1st one is usually the broker "they find you the loan", they make everything look very real they have paperwork you have to sign a big application, makes you feel it is for real, then another person notifies you that your loan has been approved but you need to put down a down payment, people put anywhere from $6,000 to $50,000 he has you do a cashiers check then they give you a date your direct deposit or wire will be transfered....then "they disapear". Never get a loan from anyone asking you for money upfront ITS A SCAM!

  • Apr 13, 2016

I sent in $200 for the cooler and shipping and handling back in July 2014 and another $55. in August 2015 for an additional battery and as of 4/12/2016 have recieved nothing, not even a projected shipping date. I requested a refund through the comapny but was told they would review that request 2 weeks prior to shipment, a shipment that after 2 years have yet to be able to provide.

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