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Khach's Auto

Country United States
State Florida
City Deerfield Beach
Address 259 Southeast 1st Terrace, Bay#1
Phone (561) 929-6690

Khach's Auto Reviews

  • Aug 31, 2021

I purchased an AMG GTC from HGREG LUX. I asked if they know of good high-end performance tech and they sent me over to Khach's Auto. I live in Scottsdale so this was a cross-country transaction so since he was recommended from a very known deal I wasn't hesitant to obtain Khach's Auto services.

We discuss pricing for a Tune to the ECU, TCU, exhaust valves, and custom piping $7,249. He wanted it all upfront I said no half now and a half when completed, I sent him money through Paypal but I guess he was flagged at PayPal so then he gave me a song and dance about a direct wire. I sent him 4k initially.

He sent me videos of the tune and performance data which I know to be false and fraudulent. Once I received my car a week after the services (trucked to AZ) and further conversation

As the car was in transit Patrick Hovsepian (owner of the shop) during multiple discussions was going back and forth on how he installed parts and the explanation of it. I was alarmed obviously so that's when I set up an appointment with a very high-end shop here in Scottsdale AZ.

When I heard it, even though I expected it, it was still a shock. Patrick DID NOT INSTALL VALVES, HE DID NOT INSTALL DOWNPIPES, HE DID NOT PERFORM THE WIRING WORK NOTHING!

Patrick removed two cat converters in the rear by cutting them out and replacing the pipe with low-grade material, not even quality pipe. He spliced the piping in and stole the rest of my money. I have a complete report from my local performance shop, photos, and video.

I feel sick to my stomach, ripped off, taken advantage of by this guy. Took advantage that I'm in a mother state and screwed me. I'm filing a fraud police report tomorrow.....

Danny R

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