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report scam

Kenneth W. Szalonek

Country United States
State California
City West Covina
Address 2648 E Workman Ave # 126
Phone (909) 625-3509

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  • May 5, 2016

This attorney will not only lift your hopes but he may also provide poor legal advice and then abandon you.

This is a report about an attorney named Mr. Kenneth Szalonek who offered hope to a potential client and his wife and for four months led them to believe he was representing them in a legal matter, then apparently, and without notice or justification abandoned them.

DETAILS - My friend sought Mr. Szalonek's advice in a bankruptcy matter and at Mr. Szalonek's request provided him with materials in support of his defense. Mr. Szalonek then solicited and was paid a small fee to cover a credit search. For four months my friend and Mr. Szalonek communicated several times as they both prepared for the upcoming bankruptcy matter. Mr. Szalonek led my friend to believe that my friend had an excellent chance of winning a very quick legal resolution to the matter.

Then, as my friend's legal matter became more time critical, communication from Mr. Szalonek ceased and all phone calls, texts and email messages went unanswered. My friend even tried several times to meet with Mr. Szalonek at his office without success.

In an effort to encourage Mr. Szalonek to contact my friend, I and several other of my friends sent Mr. Szalonek many, many phone messages, texts and email messages imploring him to contact my friend or me to let us know the status of the case and his continued participation. On one occasion I was able to contact Mr. Szalonek by phone, however, he stated he was in a meeting and would return my call after the meeting. To date (05/03/2106), Mr. Szalonek has NEVER returned my call!

On another occasion, another friend of mine was able to contact Mr. Szalonek by phone and Mr. Szalonek told him that he would soon be calling the client about the legal matter. To date (05/03/2016), Mr. Szalonek has not returned ANY calls to any of my friends, including the client!

It it obvious that, as of this date (05/03/2026), Mr. Szalonek has, without justification, abandoned his client.

On May 3, 2016, my friend learned from several other attorneys that Mr. Szaloneck's advice to my friend was not correct and, in fact, put my friend into more legal jeopardy.

A word of advice, be careful, be very careful, while dealing with this attorney. This attorney will not only lift your hopes but he may also provide you with poor legal advice and then abandon you without notice or justification.

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  • Sep 2, 2016

Worst man ever

I agree with this post. He has lost us thousands of dollars. He does not return phone calls or messages. He claims to be a Christian but is no where near a Christian. HE IS A LIAR AND A THIEF.

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