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Ken the owner of Interstate Container Service

Country United States
State Ohio
City Columbus
Address 1850 federal parkway
Phone 740-497-3506‬

Ken the owner of Interstate Container Service Reviews

  • Nov 11, 2017

Ken informed me when I came in to have matenince work done on the truck I was driving that I wasn’t making him enuff money so he fired me. I informed him I knew he had to pay me what I was owed if I was fired he replied saying I would have to wait 45 days while he went over my paperwork and if my paperwork was not correct he would not pay me anything. I asked about the last payday which was incorrect. It was $400 short and I was supose to be paid what was owed to me that day He gave me a comdata check for $300 not for the &400 and when I went to cash the check it had been voided and I called Ken about it being voided his response was if I wanted to question his integrity I could wait 45 days for it as well. He is a crook and I don’t want anyone else to be ripped off by him. I’m owed $2,900 . I am not a wealthy man by any stretch of the imagination and I need what I’ve earned. Thank you who ever reads this for your help.

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