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Ken Gora

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles

Ken Gora Reviews

  • Jun 4, 2018

Ken Gora, a so called Hollywood Producer (yep, here comes another one) is about to be badly dealt with for sexual harassment and other deeds on set. He is stealing peoples projects and concepts and trying to make something for himself. He is a raging nut. If you confront him, he freaks out and tries to be another tough guy over the phone. Typical stuff, I'll suit you, i'll rape you, you're dead kinda stuff. This man is a DANGER to women! You are being warned women. I am one and I caught onto his scam. He and another crook name Marty Fallor who has no money but lives in a big house and shows up at every red carpet in the world just to be around pretty girls. Ken Gora is faking himself as an experienced producer. The bottom line is he has no creativity and is taking money for projects that arent his!!! Then he's trying to get laid by casting all women. Models beware. Actresses beware. He talks a good game and seems legit on the surface.

He asked me to do something illegal for him and I wouldn't do it, then i caught onto his scam. If you see this man do not fall for his trap and for god sakes do not give him money! Consider it gone along with any dignity you thought you had. He likes to play nice at first but he's a raging freak. Scary man. He's gonna get his but at the moment he's running around San Diego and LA and thinks he's big. He just needs sex and someone to love him. But he doesn't have that so he has this elaborate trick of "Im a producer".

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