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Kelley Rhule

Country United States
State Georgia
City Lawrenceville
Address 630 Congress Parkway
Phone 770-962-7968

Kelley Rhule Reviews

  • Jan 8, 2018

Don't believe anything this reviewer, aka Kali Daniels (Kelley Rhule/Kelley Dollard is her real name has to say. She is a liar and if you want to know the truth about who is reviewing this business, keep reading below:

People, go check out Gwinnett County Court System to see just how CRAZY this woman really is and how she posts NEGATIVE REVIEWS on people's businesses all the time, but really NEEDS HELP! Check it out below:

2016 Cases for Kali/Kelly Dollard Rhule:

Warrant from her parents house:

Another Gwinnett County Case in 2016:

What the heck, just go look at them all for yourselves (put in the last name RHULE and the first name KELLEY):

The mugshot below tells it all.

Shoplifing 2014 - wow what a mugshot:


DUI 2002:


Dispossessory 2013:


Temporary Protection Order 2009 against your mom?:

(You are a piece of work, you just filed against your another man with your mom in 2003 and 2004 - you are wicked!)

(poor mom 2009 - you are not loyal at all!)

(poor mom filed with you here and you turned on her in 2003 & 2004)


You filed another Temporary Protection Order against this lady in 2010!

(What are you doing to keep pissing these people off enough to want to whip your behind?)


Then you filed another TPO in 2010 against your husband:

(I guess he is tired of your crazy behind too!)


Oh snap, your momma went and filed a TPO against you this year in August 2015! Wow! You just won't stop will you:


OMG, your daddy had to file a TPO against you too? That's the last straw Kelley! He did that the same day your momma did, don't bite the hand that's been paying all your bills and taking all your mess all these years!:


Then you tried to file a TPO against your brother because he is tired of what you are doing to your parents! You are trying to send them to an early grave!!! The judge saw through your shenanigans and he dismissed that crap:


Your husband took out a TPO on you too! Seems like you are the one with the family violence issues:

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