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Keith K Money Fuller

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Pittsburgh
Phone 412-822-4732

Keith K Money Fuller Reviews

  • Oct 22, 2019

This man is a liar and theif. he uses woman all the time anyone that would help him even your family and friends. He always ask you to borrow money and never gives it back. He stays at a hotel in detroit all the time the main one he uses is the marriott 5200 mercury drive in detroit MI. He ask you to book his room cause he lost his card. He tells you he will buy you a car and ask you for a deposit to cover the taxes then never see your money or the car. He tells you he would pay off your student loans and then the payment ends up being reversed. He talks about having a big mansion in charlotte with 14 cars but he is never there so it probaly doesnt exist. what man has all these things but be in detroit living out of his car and hotels. He always finds a woman to but him nice clothes and shoes and will max out all your accounts if you let him and he doesnt care who he hurts as long as he get what he wants. When you confront him he gets mad and cut you off. As long as you can do for him he will stick around but as soon as you tell him no and the money dries up he is gone too. He claims he has this big youth center in detroit and always need money to get things fixed in there but he is a so called millionaire. whatever you do ladies dont fall for his BS protect yourself and your bank accounts.

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