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Keith Friley, Attorney at Law

Country United States
State Louisiana
City Baton Rouge
Address 4127 W. E. Heck Court
Phone 800-622-5389

Keith Friley, Attorney at Law Reviews

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  • Nov 5, 2016


Keith Friley is the worst example of what is wrong with the family court system, a cash machine that mutilates children and parents, under the guise of protection and caution. Keith will sell you blowhard war stories, his three decades of experience, and all the name dropping you can stomach. He will scare you into abandoning any thoughts of amicability, and demand your flaccid compliance with open wallet.

Keith will promote an inflammatory strategy as the safest course of action, and then maneuver (lie) to put you in the worst imaginable position, where the judge can crush you. He will blame it all on you, quickly demand more money, and prepare you for a protracted expensive battle. You will have agreed to give up many or all of your rights, based upon the disinformation he has fed you.

YouTube "corrupt family court system" or "family court reform" to better understand the cash generating process. A tragically counterproductive system that Keith embraces wholly. Highest hourly billing, emotionally manipulative, arrogant salesmanship, completely dishonest about the process, totally unconcerned about you and your kids, vehemently opposed to mediation or quick resolutions, cash motivated, totally disconnected from your agenda, controlling, and pathologically unconcerned with truth, justice, or anything other than his financial interests.

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  • Aug 8, 2019

I wish I saw this

Thx for the review. I wish to God I would have read this years ago when I hired him. He has milked me for the tune of $18k and did nothing other than get me divorced.

Nothing, and I repeat nothing was done like he said it would be. Unbelievably good liar and is a snake in the grass.

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  • Sep 8, 2015

Read the other rip off report on him. it is was years ago and it is still true. His advice cost me more money and made him more money. it was done out of his greed. He never looked for a cheaper alternative for me. the other complainer was on point with his description of this crook. he gives lawyers a bad name.

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