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Keeping A Clean House

Country United States
State Alabama

Keeping A Clean House Reviews

  • Aug 7, 2015

Jennifer called me on monday set up a appt for thursday between 2 and 4 pm..she quoted me 80.00 ..after i had told her i had saw her coupon on groupon..shecset me up for thursday ..we wed i go on groupon looking and her price was 69.00 not 80.00 so i called and question it on wednesday she stammered a little and said oh i didnt know you were using group on when she clearly knew i was ..then it was around 230 then she said oh i thought it was today for your home i said no she said oh ok well we will see you tomorrow between 2 and 4 well it comes today and at 330 no show she text me and says it wont be till after 430..i let her know i work i scheduled it around that and the only thing she says is you wanna reschedule..i said no...she offered to apologies or anything...i will say now i find this is a common practice of hers ..not happy at all

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