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Kasamba, Inc.

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 475 Tenth Ave., 5th Floor

Kasamba, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2020

The weekend of October 3, 2020, I decided to try the psychic chat at I had been with a previous psychic chat line which was legitimate, but they charged too much so I closed my account.

I had read in an article online what to look for in psychic chat line/phone reading psychic lines. The author of this article said that Kasamba was rated pretty high as far as accuracy and said you needed to review the bios of the psychics and choose the ones that best matched your needs as far as a psychic reading was concerned. The author also pointed out that Kasamba was rated fairly high, coming in as fourth on a list of top psychic chat/phone reading lines.

My first reading was with a psychic with a screen name "Divine Master." Divine Master seemed pretty competent so I went back to him several times that Saturday and then again on Monday and Tuesday, October 5 and October 6.

I also went to a psychic chat with "Best Love Readings" and found out the psychic's real name was "SD". This was probably a lie.

Divine Master gave me erroneous information. When I asked him if my fiancee John, who is a marine in Ft. Knox, Kentucky, had an illegitimate son in Afghanistan, he said that yes, I was correct. He also told me that John had not connected with me via phone because he was unable to upgrade the storage on his phone and had used his money to send to the mother of his illegitimate son in Afghanistan to shut her up.

Divine Master also told me I would hear from John by the end of the year.

My next reading was with "SD." SD told me that John loved me, but that he took me for granted. This seemed strange because John has never ever taken me for granted. But I was desperate because I had not heard from John in several days which was unlike him. SD told me that under no circumstances, should I rach out to John because that would push John away and would appear "needy".

In all fairness, SD also told me that John was my soulmate and that the energy between us was fantastic. This much was certainly true, as John is in indeed my soulmate/twin soul.

I asked SD (Best Psychic Love Readings screen name) if Divine Master was right and John had an illegitimate son in Afghanistan. SD told me he would meditate on this and told me to give him 24 hours.

I had a final reading with Indi, who had 18 years of experience as a psychic/clairvoyant/empath/healer. I had a 15 minute reading with Indi. Indi was 100% accurate, giving me correct answers in a 15 minute reading which cost me $105.00.

This was on October 6.

I had the option to review each psychic as I finished the reading or I could wait until later. I reviewed them all right away. I had had a very brief one-minute reading with Sweet Spirit and she was way too slow. So I exited out of the chat within a minute. I gave her a one star rating and said she was slow and inaccurate.

The following day, someone from Kasamba customer support sent me an email to my email address and offered me a $10 credit and 50% off my next reading with the reader of my choice. She claimed that it would automatically be applied to my wallet (contained my debit card information).

The following day when I checked my bank balance, I was overdrawn at the bank. Kasamba had charged me over $300.00 and never applied the $10.00 credit or 50% off my next reading which was with SD.

By Friday, October 9, I was overdrawn at my bank $121.00. This was due to Kasamba charging me a total of $500.00. The $10.00 credit and 50% off the next reading had never been applied at all.

I emailed customer support (you can only do it through the website by clicking on "contact us" and then email). There was no customer support phone number and no mailing address. I also checked for the owner of Kasamba and all that came up on the Internet was

At this point, I was very angry. My bank filed a formal dispute with Kasamba. I explained to my bank that they had no mailing address and no customer service phone number.

My bank contacted Kasamba because the following day (Saturday) I got an email from someone named Michael in security at Kasamba. Michael pointed out that my bank had contacted them and all I had to do to keep my Kasamba account open and active was to provide the proof of who I was. He asked for utility bill or some other proof of name and address. There was a link to upload these documents.

I responded to Michael's email and told him he didn't get it, that I wanted my account deleted and for Kasamba to return $500.00 to my bank debit card. 24 hours later I got a final email from Michael in Security at Kasamba. He told that pursuant to my request, they had deleted my account. I responded and said "Where's my $500.00?" I never got a response. This was two days ago. I am still waiting.

Michael told me they would check to see if I really had used their service by going into my account and seeing which psychics I had used in the chat function. Michael indicated that the Fraud Department at Kasamba would get back to me. They never did. Fortunately, my bank reversed $100.00 worth of overdraft fees.

I am still $47.00 overdrawn. I filed a formal complaint with the Elgin Illinois Police Department.

  • Jun 14, 2020

This site is a complete scam. Yes I know there are going to be people out there who are going to hate on me and judge me for spending way to much money on this site and choosing to believe and base decisions on what so called "advisor" or "psychics" have said. The truth is there are some advisors that are really there to help people and do their best to give good advise and are truly caring people that work with clients to help make better life decisions.

They are extremely intuitive, you can call is psychic or not, but it is truly a gift. Either way there are MANY and I do mean MANY that are out there prepared to scam you and tell you anything to keep you spending more money. It is highly unlikely it seems that I will see any of that money returned although I have made a complaint. I did not ask for a full refund, but did ask for a partial refund for times that I feel like I was scammed.

YES! I did read the terms of agreement and do realize that Kasamba supposedly has no obligation to return any funds, however, as a company that advertises for their advisors I feel that they should be held partially responsible for people that they allow on their site that are nothing but scammers. Again, there are advisors that I feel deserve to be there and I would listen to them again. If you are thinking of using this site think long and hard as I will never return to this site again. The customer service is horrible and you never actually get to speak to anyone.

They always say that they will return you complaints with emails and it is nearly impossible to speak to an actual person on the phone to help you resolve any issues that you may have. Also do not use Miss Futuro, Psychic Pattyann, Isabella 1, Ebi the Knower, Mystical Love Knight, Devine Mystic Wisdome, Psychic Simmi

Use Sarah Jane, she is a an angel.

  • Jan 6, 2019

Avoid this site at all costs, They should be taken down, their Psychics arent real or posess any real Sixth Sense Abilities, so vague in their readings, Divine Princess and Love World Emerald are the exact same person as what they wrote to me was identical in mannerisms.

Told me things based off like what I told them how I had a cold and then she says my white blood cell count is low well ofcourse it is cause I have a Cold! says can clear negative energies effecting me but asking for more money to do so, Very good bait and hook tactics they use.

David James was also very vague in his reading when I asked him about me getting a job in Earthmoving Field here in NZ. they always tell u they have Updates for you just to try and suck you in and buy more credit.

Stay away at all costs and stick to more trusted psychic sites like which I have had only good experiences with.

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