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JWS Publishing Inc

Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 1106 Second Street
Phone 858-205-1800

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  • Mar 20, 2017

Jordon Schultz, or Jordon Wallace as he seems to change his id to is a known Internet scammer (unfortunately I realised this too late). If you Google his name you will see various posts and reports highlighting his crimes.

In my case he presented several business opportunities all related to making money from Mobile Cost Per Action marketing.

Each initial and subsequent courses had guarantees ranging from:

If it didn't work for you, Jordon would give you more support and materials until you started to make $5,000 a month from this business

If it didn't work for you, you would get all your money back

If you do nothing you will still make money (as the automatic system would optimize and do that for you)

All promises were never fulfilled and his support team never answered my concerns (the support desk is now down by the way and yet he has launched another initiative called Speaking Empire with Dave Van Hoose).

On each of the webinars he kept saying 'nearly everyone has made money with this' so it got me thinking I must be doing something wrong and which is why I kept buying his other courses thinking this time it would be right.

However, it wasn't until early August 2016 when I flew from the UK to the USA for the first time and met hundreds of other people who attended Jordon's live event, that I realised the scale of the fraud. Despite Jordon saying on his webinars that everyone had made money from this, hundreds of people I spoke to all expressed their dissatisfaction that they had not made a single dollar despite the huge investments with Jordon.

I paid $497 to attend the 4 day event in San Diego at Wyndham Bayside. I also incurred hotel and flight expenses, as well as the negligible amount to apply for an ESTA. I also paid $2,000 for a business lunch with a super affiliate (someone that had made tons of money using these methods (allegedly)) and who would be sharing 'inside secrets all the time' during the lunch. Instead all that happened was that we spent lunch with Jordon and what he said to us during lunch, he shared at the event soon after anyway. And no sign of this super affiliate.

Altogether I have lost $20,895.60 (if you add in the cost of the ESTA it just about rounds up to $21,000). One of the attendees has already filed a case in San Diego court against Jordon, and as Jordon would need to attend to represent himself, his attorney has settled out of court. I am in the UK so unsure how I can also do this but have made a complaint to the United States Internet Crime Complaint Centre ( If you have also been scammed by Jordon I encourage you to also file a complaint with them so realise the scale of Jordon's fraud and crimes.

All information and proof I have on Jordon and his scam is in the following dropbox folder:

Evidence of a scammer is that all his sites suddenly are shut down. All the following sites are down (1-3 are sites where you can access your membership).






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